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Shenandoah Valley

This trip is currently being planned for October. We plan to visit Country Waye in Luray, Virginia followed by some time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and then finally a short stay in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. More details will be posted shortly.


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  October 2, 2005  -  Sunday

At this time it still looks like this trip will come to fruition. Gas prices still remain high with the average cost here at home running $2.89 a gallon. I estimate the total cost for gas on this trip will be about $300 to travel the planned route of 850 miles.

This past Friday we took our youngest grandson to see the scarecrows at Peddler's Village. He seemed to enjoy getting his photo with all the different scarecrows.

  October 8, 2005  -  Saturday

After being without any appreciable rain for more than 6 weeks finally some moisture has arrived. However, as usual, it seems like it's feast or famine. A tropical storm has worked it way up the Atlantic Coast from Florida and is now dumping about 4 inches of rain on us over the next few days. But we will take it since all the plants and grass desperately need water.

Plans for our trip continue and we still expect to leave home in the next few days. Hopefully the rains will have passed and make way for cooler more seasonal Autumn temperatures.

  October 11, 2005  -  Tuesday

Yesterday the repair technician was at our house for about 3 hours trying to solve a problem with the oil burner. He finally was able to getting it working but after he left I discovered a few minor problems that still need to be resolved. This morning when we left for our trip I simply turned off the main shutoff switch to the oil burner and will deal with the issue when I get home.

Driving the highways in the Northeast Corridor of the United States can be a real challenge with the high volume of traffic and this morning was especially difficult due to the rain in combination with rush hour. Following a 270 mile drive we safely arrived at Country Waye RV Resort in Luray, Virginia.

We our very pleased with our assigned site 62. The back in site is level, nice space between neighbors and a beautiful view of the mountains. We would be happy to have this site if we ever visit here again.

  October 15, 2005  -  Saturday

This has be an incredibly pleasant week and we are sorry to see it coming to an end. Today was the first day for sunshine as the weather has be overcast and cloudy all week since our arrival. The daily temps have been in the high 60's and going into the mid 50's over night. Tomorrow the weather is forecasted to be be sunny like today but the high temp is only expected to be 65 degrees.

We have visited the Skyline Drive 3 times this week. Earlier in the week the drive was covered with heavy fog in many spots but occasionally the sun would break through. At one of the lookouts we stopped the car and watched the fog and clouds roll down the side of the mountain. This was both an eerie and beautiful event to witness. Mother Nature can be awesome!!

Today we had lunch at the Big Meadows Lodge and then sat in the large parlor where we enjoyed the view as well as the warmth of the fireplace. When we left the lodge the smell of Autumn was in the air. We stopped for a brief walk in Big Meadow and snapped some photos.

The town of Luray just opened a new greenway that meanders along the country side and then follows a small stream into the center of town. We enjoyed walking the distance of this greenway twice this week and plan to take one final walk tomorrow.

  October 16, 2005  -  Sunday

Right now is it 7:00 PM and the winds outside are howling with gusts as high as 35 mph. Add to that a temperature of 56 degrees and you have one very blustery night.

Today we did chores such as laundry and giving Rebecca, our miniature Schnauzer, and much needed bath. When she goes camping she somehow gets dirty quickly. We plan on a 7:00 AM departure tomorrow morning and will take a leisurely drive of 250 miles to Pittsburgh.

  October 17, 2005  - Monday

The glory and splendor of Autumn was evident today on our journey from Luray to Munhall, Pennsylvania. The mountain sides that normally are adorned with lush green trees were today decorated  with vivid hues of gold, orange, yellow and red foliage. Our route took us along Route 522 north through the countryside and several small towns such as Berkley Springs. After a 250 mile drive we arrived in Munhall at 3:00 Pm and set up in the church parking lot in preparation for a 5 night stay.

Along the way today we filled the tank twice with gas....once in Virginia paying $2.49 a gallon and then in Munhall paying $2.59. It's nice to see the price of gasoline has declined some from the all time high we paid just 6 weeks ago here in Munhall....$3.25 a gallon.

  October 20, 2005  -  Thursday

Yikes.....what a change in weather!! Yesterday the temperature reached a mild 72 degrees but this morning we woke up to a chilly 38 degrees and the forecasted high is only 55 degrees. We are running low on propane so the furnace use is being limited until I can find a propane supplier near by. For now we are running the generator so we can plug in two ceramic heaters to supply the necessary warmth.

Following lunch we took our mothers to the hairdresser. While they were getting their hair done we had a few hours of free time so we headed to The Waterfront to shop at Kauffman's.

On route we stopped at A&B Donut Shop. Many years ago, about 40, my friend Bob and I would have lunch here each day. A really healthy lunch....2 donuts and a glass of milk. Bob & I were seniors in high school at the time and would sneak away from the school during the lunch hour and ride his Vespa Scooter from high school to the donut shop. In those days you were not allowed to leave the high school grounds during lunch so that why I say we sneaked away.

What a special treat this was to visit the donut shop. It turns out that the same fella, Armand Posipanka, owns and operates the shop now and also owned the shop 40 years ago when I ate lunch there. Armand is about 8 years older than me and also went to the same high school as I did. We had a long conversation and I discovered that he knew my step father and knows my sister. We had a fun time sharing information about common acquaintances. What a small world. I ended my visit by eating one of the same donuts I used to eat 40 years ago. Armand told me the name of the donut is The Honeymooner and assured me the recipe has not changed over all these years.

  October 22, 2005  -  Saturday

The plan for today was an early 5:30 a.m. departure so we could complete the 250 miles drive to Lancaster by 1:00 pm. However, as I was going through the normal start up procedure for the motorhome I quickly realized the 12 volt clearance lights were not functioning.  The headlights, turn signals and brake lights worked just fine but no clearance and parking lights. The rain and night time dark made it difficult to troubleshoot the problem. The obvious blown fuse was not the problem so we decided to delay our departure till sunrise around 7:30 am.

The entire drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike from Munhall to Country Haven Campground in New Holland, Pennsylvania was wet with rain and fog. At times the fog was extremely dense and I was concerned of driving without the clearance and parking lights.  The fall foliage in Western Pennsylvania was beautiful even in the inclement weather. Good fortune was on our side and we arrived at the campground safely.

This evening we had dinner at Shady Maple Smorgasbord. Other camping friends that we met at the Gettysburg Rally in May joined us for dinner. Jim and Donna & Sal and Ruth from New York City.....Mike and Denise from Newark, Delaware....Doug and Pat from Reading, Pennsylvania. We all enjoyed each others company and the good food.

  October 23, 2005  -  Sunday

The rainy skies have moved out and the sun and gusty winds made this an ideal Autumn day. Country Haven Campground is a very nice destination. Our site, #44, overlooks the Amish farms of in the distance and we can easily see 10 miles as we look out the front window of our motorhome. Absolutely spectacular view. This is our first visit to this campground and we will definitely return as it is nicely maintained, level & spacious sites, hard surface roads, etc.

Shirley and Sim, friends of ours from Levittown, are vacationing for a few days about 10 miles from our campground so we visited with them this afternoon. They are staying at Walnut Valley Guest House where they have visited in the Spring and Fall for the past 17 years. If you click on the underline words above you can take a virtual tour of the uniquely beautiful Walnut Valley Guest House. The owners of the property Keith & Bev greeted us with a warm smile and made us feel welcome as visitors.

Later in the afternoon Shirley and Sim followed us back to our motorhome where we had a delicious beef stew which seemed most appropriate on this chilly Autumn day.

  October 24, 2005  -  Monday

This morning when we turned on TV CNN was broadcasting the current status of Hurricane Wilma as it took aim at southwestern Florida and the Florida Keys. In the past 14 months eight hurricanes have swept across Florida.

The Rockvale Outlets is located about 15 miles west of the campground and this is where we visited for a few hours of shopping. Diana had a good time in the Lenox store and also the Phaltzgraff store purchasing some Christmas gifts and adding some pieces to her china collection.

We depart for home tomorrow so when we returned to the motorhome after shopping we began to prepare for winter storage. All of the cabinets were emptied, vacuumed and a few sheets of Bounce placed to discourage mice while in storage. I was glad to get this head start on winterizing so now once we get home I can focus my attention on the outside and the basement compartments of the motorhome.

The remnants of Hurricane Wilma will have an impact on the weather in Northeast United States as it races north along the Atlantic coastline. For the drive home tomorrow I expect heavy rains and winds 25 to 40 mph with possible gusts of 60 mph!! Thankfully we only have a 60 mile drive till reaching the comfort of our home. If the weather is too dangerous tomorrow we will simply postpone our departure for a day.