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Florida  -  February & March, 2004

This is a summary of our trip to Florida in February, 2004. We have been to Florida many times in the past, but always during the summer months. This will be our first Florida visit in the winter.

  December 20, 2003 - Saturday

Every 2 weeks I stop by the storage facility to check on the Motorhome. This morning the outside temperature was 31 degrees when I stopped and took this picture. The Motorhome cover has seen its last season of use and a new one will be needed for next winter. During the second week of January I'll stop by the Motorhome again to install the engine and house batteries in preparation for our end of month departure for Florida. Only 6 weeks to go before our first day heading south.


  January 3, 2004 - Saturday

Today the weather here in the North was exceptionally mild with temperatures reaching into the high 50's. Diana & I decided to visit the Motorhome to remove the cover and install the engine and house batteries. Everything went smoothly. The engine and generator both started right up. I also added air to the tires since the pressure had dropped to approximately 68 pounds in all six tires. I inflated all tires to 80 pounds and will adjust the pressure again before we depart later this month. We did a complete inspection and could not see any evidence of insects or mice.

We were glad we did this work today because if we waited until later this week the daily high temperatures are predicted for the low 30's with overnight temps dropping to below 10 degrees.

  January 5, 2004 - Monday

We continue to prepare for our departure later this month. Time is passing quickly and we have much to accomplish before leaving for Florida. Yesterday we started to paint the walls/ceiling in the family room, laundry room and powder room. It will take another 4 or 5 days to finish this project. This ill be my last major project before heading out on the Florida trip.

Today we took Rebecca to the vet for some minor surgery. She is 13 years old and developed a growth on her back and one on her leg. The surgery was a success and we brought her home after being at the vet's for only 8 hours.

We also visited Wal-Mart today to purchase some paper products and other odds and ends needed in the Motorhome.

  January 16, 2004 - Friday

The anticipation of the warm Florida weather sounds better and better each day. Sometime next week I will take the Motorhome out of storage and park it in front of the house. The weather for the past week has been bitter cold. The daily high temperatures have been ranging from 16 to 22 degrees and the night temperatures have been dropping into the single digits. Last night the low was 4 degrees with winds blowing 25 to 35 mile per hour. The wind chill factor was -15 degrees.

Yesterday I took Rebecca to the vet to have her stitches removed. All went well. They also took another blood sample to determine if the medication for her thyroid is properly in balance.

  January 22, 2004  -  Friday

Yesterday we brought the Motorhome and tow dolly home from the storage facility. The Motorhome roof had about an inch of snow and ice and even today hasn't melted with temps in the mid 30's. I had to chisel 2 inches of ice off the tow dolly to get it ready for the trip next week.

The weather is expected to continue to be frigid with the possibility of some snow on Sunday night. If all goes well we hope to leave next Thursday and take 3 to 4 days to get to Tropical Palms in Kissimmee, Florida.

Today I started to take supplies into the Motorhome. I also tested all the systems such as furnace, refrig and stove. All appliances started on first try. I wait until the day before departure to stock the refrig.

  January 27, 2004  -  Tuesday

The wintry weather has made it both physically and emotionally difficult to prepare for this trip. Yesterday we received a 3 inch snow fall and today we are expecting a Nor'easter. Presently a very fine mist is falling and as soon as it reached the ground it turns to ice. The tow dolly now has an ice coating approximately 1/8 inch thick and growing. Earlier this morning I ventured onto the Motorhome roof to clear the snow that had accumulated. Fortunately the snow was very light because of the frigid temperatures we have been experiencing, but under the snow was an ice coating approximately 1 inch thick. I could not remove the ice.

We just have to wait to see what this next storm brings before we can make any definite decision on our departure date. We still hope to depart in 2 days.....on Thursday....time will tell


January 29,  2004  -  Thursday                               

Finally we were able to begin our Florida journey today. After shoveling and snow blowing 6 inches of snow and ice yesterday, we were able to depart bright and early this morning at 5:45 am. The day was filled with lots of good and some bad. Let’s begin with the good. 

The motorhome hummed down I95 very nicely. All systems worked well and we were pleasantly warm even though the outside temp was 22 degrees when we departed. The roads were mostly dry and al snow had been well plowed off to the sides. Traffic was mostly light except around Washington DC and Richmond. We sat in slow moving traffic on I95 as we approached the Potomac River. Lots of road construction and many new buildings being erected in this area. The weather was clear and sunny all day and we arrived in Best Holiday Travel Parks, Smithfield, North Carolina at 4:30 pm after driving approximately 442 miles. We are thankful that all went so well. 

Now the bad news. Since the weather was a mild 50 degrees I thought I would have time to flush the water system so we could use the motorhome for our showers this evening. But when I connected the water I quickly realized that I had a split waterline in the Sewer Basement Compartment. It should be easy to repair but I will need to find Home Depot tomorrow to purchase the needed parts. I’m hoping that is the only pipe that has split. No doubt this damage has been caused by water freezing in the lines over the winter months. And I thought I did such a good job wintering. 

Diana fixed a swell dinner and we relaxed for the rest of the evening by calling home to let everyone know we are OK. I also sent some emails and surfed the internet for a short while. I plan to leave tomorrow morning around 7:30 am and expect to have a shorter drive of approximately 360 miles into Townsend, Georgia.


January 30, 2004  -  Friday 

At 7:45 am this morning we were back on I95 headed south. After driving about 20 miles I spotted a billboard for a Lowes Home Supplies. We decided to leave I95 at Exit 73, Dunn, South Carolina and purchase the parts needed to repair the broken water pipes. WE drove about 2 miles north on Route 421 and found the Lowes which was a brand new store. Directly across the road was a brand new Wal-Mart Super Center. This would have been an ideal location for an overnight stay. We might keep this in mind for the next time passing through the area. 

We traveled about 343 miles today and all went smoothly. The wind was blowing at 20 to 30 mph so that made driving the motorhome somewhat of a challenge. By 3:15 pm we pulled into Lake Harmony Campground, Townsend Georgia.  

The campground was on the small side with only 39 total sites. As soon as we arrived I immediately began the repair work on the broken water pipe and had it completed in under an hour. So far that seems to be the only damage caused by water freezing during winter storage. I flushed the water lines and fired up the hot water tank so we will be able to shower in the motorhome tonight. 

The Lake Harmony Campground makes for an excellent place to stop overnight. The sites are level, partially shaded with pines trees and beautifully draped with Spanish moss. Although the sites are quite narrow. There is a small pond with fishing available. We did not use the bath house but it appeared to be nicely kept. 

We had to change our plans for tomorrow. Originally we had reservations at Tropical Palms RV Resort, Kissimmee, Florida to begin on Sunday. We are running a day early so we thought we would arrive at Tropical Palms on Saturday. I just called to change the reservations and learned that there are no vacancies for Saturday. So we will spend an extra day here in Townsend, Georgia relaxing and seeing what attractions are in the area.  



January 31, 2004  -  Saturday 

First thing this morning I went to the campground office to pay for a second night’s stay. I spent about 20 minutes chatting with Larry, the campground owner. He gave me directions to the local Wal-Mart and also gave me permission to wash the motorhome and car. 

We found the local Wal-Mart Super Center located 20 miles south at Brunswick. This gave us the opportunity to stock up on a few needed groceries. When we returned to the campground I gave the motorhome and car a good scrubbing which they badly needed because of the road salt that accumulated from the melting snow along I95. 

We took a few walks in the campground and continued to get organized.


February 1, 2004  -  Sunday 

Overnight there was a heavy rainfall and it continued through mid morning. We had the alarm clock set for 6:00 am which allowed us to depart at 6:45 am.  Disconnecting the electric and water hookups in the rain soaked all my clothing so it was necessary to change clothes before starting the day’s drive.

After a 250 mile drive we finally arrived at Tropical Palms, Kissimmee, Florida. Check in went smoothly and we were fortunate enough to get a very nice super site. The sit was long, level, partially shaded and paved. The site was so long that I was able to leave the tow dolly connected and still had plenty of room to park the car behind the dolly.

The campground is very nice and I think I would favor staying toward the back of the campground where we were located. The sites in our area seemed to be both longer and wider and definitely quieter. The sites at the front of the campground get the noise from Old Town and the swimming pool.

We drove over to Old Town and took a brief walk. What a nice shopping and amusement attraction. Later in the week we plan to visit Old Town again.

We returned to the motorhome for dinner and then enjoyed the remainder of the evening catching up on phone calls and then watched the Super Bowl.




February 2, 2004  -  Monday                   

While looking for a Post Office we stumbled upon the town of Celebration. This is the most unique town we have ever seen. This entire community was completely preplanned before it was ever built. The place is gorgeous.



February 3, 2004  -  Tuesday

Following breakfast Diana and I went for a bicycle ride through the campground, out to Old Town and then followed the sidewalk/ walking trail that ran parallel to Route 192. The weather was a bit overcast with the temperature in the low 60’s which made for a perfect ride. We were gone for about 45 minutes.

Around noon our friends Rich & Elaine drove up from Winter Haven to visit with us for the day. We had lunch at the Market Street Café in beautiful Celebration, Florida. By noon the skies were blue and the temp was about 74 degrees. In fact the weather was so beautiful we enjoyed eating our lunch at the outside tables. Beautiful weather, good food and nice friends made for a perfect day.

After dinner we made a last minute decision to take a short 3 mile drive to check out Disney Downtown Marketplace. We arrived about 6:00 pm just as the sun was setting. The place looked great with all the decorative lights. This Disney location is “free” (no admission charge} but the 70 specialty shops are quick to take your money. As we walked through shops featuring the famous Disney characters it brought back memories of being at Disney World many years ago when our children were just small youngsters. We enjoyed the many sights, sounds and smells.    



February 4, 2004  -  Wednesday 

Fun, fun and more fun was on the agenda for today. By 8:30 am we were on our way to Universal Studios. The trip from Tropical Palms to Universal was about a 12 mile drive mostly on Interstate 4. The weather was perfect, sunny with a few clouds, temps in the low 70’s and a slight 5 mph wind.

If you ever visit Universal you will find it to be like all major entertainment attractions…..expensive, lots of walking and did I mention expensive. But on the plus side Universal was very clean, well organized and lots of fun. Since most kids were in school the crowd was sparse. Most of the theme rides had little to no waiting in lines, which was to our advantage. We were able to quickly and easily move from one ride to the next with our longest in line wait being 10 minutes. We enjoyed Shrek 4-D, Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast, Twister, Earthquake, Jaws, Men in Black and Back to the Future. Our favorite was Back to the Future. Mel’s Diner was our choice for lunch and then we enjoyed a show called Street Breakz.

The day at Universal Studios made us giggle and laugh like young kids. The visit was a pleasure and we wished that our kids, grandkids and Mothers could have been there to enjoy the day too.

Once back at the motorhome we relaxed and rested after the long day at Universal. Before sunset we took a bike ride out through the campground and along the trail that parallels Route 192. After 45 minutes of biking we had more than our share of exercise for the day.

The day had a spectacular ending. We were able to view a rocket that was launched from the Kennedy Space Center. At 6:46 pm the rocket soared into the sky and even though we were approximately 75 miles away, we could still clearly see the brilliant flame form the rocket’s engine. For both of us this was a day that we will long remember.  





February 5, 2004  -  Thursday 

The unusually warm morning beckoned us to take a walk right after breakfast. The temp at 8:00 am was already 65 degrees and  forecasted to reach the low 80’s. We walked the entire perimeter and side streets of the campground and I estimate it to be nearly 3 miles. Upon our return from the walk Diana did some cleaning chores in the motorhome and I did some cleaning of the car. 

Around 11: 00 am we got into the car and headed south for a 27 mile drive to Winter Haven to visit our friends Rich and Elaine at their home in Four Lakes. When we arrived we took a tour of their retirement community on their golf cart. We had a delicious lunch at the outside patio of the clubhouse. We then toured through the remainder of the community and saw a 6 foot and a 3 foot alligator in a small pond just a short fifty yards from the clubhouse. Both of the alligators we in the water near the shore line of the pond, enjoying the warm sun.

We then returned to Rich and Elaine’s home a began to prepare for our departure. A few of Rich’s friends stopped to ask if he wanted to join them on a short trip to see some vintage planes. Rich mentioned to me that the one fella worked for Verizon at one time in Philadelphia. Rich didn’t know the fellas full name. Well, since I too worked for Verizon I thought I would just go say hello and introduce myself. I was shocked to discover that I once worked with this fella in 1978 which was the last time I saw him. What a small world. 

Rich and Elaine’s home was beautiful and the retirement community was very active and nicely maintained. Diana and I truly enjoyed our visit to their home. 




February 6, 2004  -  Friday

Unseasonably warm best describes the weather for this day. This morning at 8:00 am the temp was 65 degrees and the high reached 86 degrees with a comfortable breeze. After breakfast we took a bicycle ride for about 40 minutes. Afterwards we showered and began to head south to Sebring to visit our friends Dick and Helen. 

Some 35 years ago Dick and I worked as Engineers for Bell of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The last time Dick and I were able to meet face to face was about 25 years ago since I left Harrisburg and moved to Philadelphia. We arrived at Dick and Helen’s place about noon time and after a brief conversation we agreed it would make us all happy to have lunch at the Buttonwood Bay community clubhouse. Once again it was a real treat to be able to eat outside and enjoy the gorgeous day. Buttonwood Bay is a lovely retirement community, beautifully maintained and bustling with lots of activities ranging from swimming, shuffle board, pool, bocce ball, and weekly dances in the rec hall.                        

It was great to visit with our friends and the day moved by much too quickly. Before we knew it, it was time for us to begin the 75 mile trip back to the campground. But before parting Dick picked and orange from the tree outback and squeezed us a delicious fresh glass of orange juice. The drive back on Route 27 was terribly congested and due to an accident on I4 traffic crawled until we finally reached our exit.

Following dinner we walked to Old Town to view the large gathering of classic cars. I would estimate that 100+ vintage cars are proudly displayed by their owners.



February 8, 2004  -  Sunday

Ops….I failed to up date the journal for yesterday, which was the day we left Tropical Palms RV Resort. After a 90 mile drive we arrived at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort in Crystal River, Florida.   

Rock Crusher is a beautiful facility. Our site is very, very long, level, and significantly wide. The site is surrounded on 3 sides with tropical, Florida type vegetation. Every site within the campground is equally large and level. I could not see a “bad” site in the campground. All roads are asphalt covered and in excellent condition. For a one month stay with full hookups including 70 cable stations we paid $566. Also, on Saturday and Sunday a newspaper is delivered to your site. The bath house is spotless and the clubhouse is neatly maintained. The only downside would be the lack of any planned activities and the remote location of the campground. But for some this could be a plus. 



February 9, 2004  -  Monday

The warmer weather has returned. Today the high temp was 74 degrees with a very slight breeze which made for a perfect day.

A brisk walk around the resort was in order right after breakfast. We walked down to the lake and came across two huge satellite dishes. I spoke to a fella that was taking a smoking break and he explained the dishes were at one time owned and operated by AT&T for long distance calling. But the dishes have been decommissioned for many years.

Following lunch we took a ride into Homosassa which didn’t result in any great discoveries. We then drove further south on Route 19 and headed west on Route 50 to Pine Island which is a small state park. We will probably return to this location again to spend some time sitting on he beach and relaxing.




February 10, 2004  - Tuesday

They say that Rv’ers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and that certainly held true today. We had the privilege to meet several of the RV NET.com “forum” members that are also staying here at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort. We met Dogman (Cliff & Marlene), Mainerovers (Bill & Laurie) and PassinThru (John & Cheryl). Sure enough, these 3 couples are genuinely swell people. We were all able to talk as if we have been friends for years.


February 16, 2004  -  Monday

It’s been nearly a week since I’ve updated this journal because we have been non stop busy every day. We usually awaken each morning around 7:00 am, eat breakfast and then take a walk around the entire campground. Depending upon on enthusiasm the walk generally takes 40 to 60 minutes. Then we shower and have lunch taking off for a daily adventure.

We have learned our way around on the local roads and have found the normal necessary stores such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot and the Crystal River Mall.

Each day we continue to meet and make new friends here at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort. Today we accomplished a 16 mile ride on the Withlacoochee Trail State Park. Our new friends Cliff and Barb from Ontario, Canada showed us how to access the trail in Inverness, just behind the city courthouse. We were also joined by another couple, Howard and Barb….they were long time friends of Cliff and Barb. Along the trail we stopped at a fruit stand and purchased a few items. Oranges were selling at 20 for $1 and grapefruit were 8 for $1.





February 19, 2004  -  Thursday 

Another few days have quickly passed by and we don’t know where or how the time is so quickly passing. Every day has some new event or activity. Last night we enjoyed an evening in the clubhouse playing Mexican Train with Cliff and Barb from Canada and Bill and Laurie from Maine. It made for an interesting evening since everyone has a different set of rules for the game. While we were playing several people stopped by to as us questions regarding the rules and we provided our interpretations. 

Today we visited the Homosassa Wildlife State Park to see the Manatees that take refuge in the warm waters of the Crystal River during the winter months. The constant 72 degree water temperature of the river provides an ideal winter home for the huge Manatees. The park also has alligators, bob cats, flamingos and an endless supply of other exotic birds which are native to the Florida area.





February 20, 2004  -  Friday

The main event for today was a bicycle ride along Fort Island Trail. Again we met with Cliff & Barb and Howard & Bonnie for the ride. We started at the marina along Fort Island Road and pedaled until the road ended at the beach. Along the way we heard a loud growl which turned out to be some wild boar pigs. We also spotted a 5 foot alligator bathing himself along the banks of the marsh. But the most prevalent wildlife were the “no seeums. Those pesky bugs just drove me crazy. I was glad to get back to the campground where we do not have any seeums. The bicycle ride lasted about 1 ˝ hours, 11 miles and many stops along the way to enjoy the scenery.



February 22, 2004  -  Sunday

Howard’s Flea Market was our main event for yesterday’s activity. I was able to get a picture of the Dixie Dog stand and email it to one of the RV.NET forum members.

Today we left the motorhome around 10:00 am and headed to the Withlacoochee Trail State Park where we completed a 15 mile roundtrip bicycle ride. The weather was perfect….sunny, slight breeze and temps reaching around 77 degrees. At the midway point of our ride we stopped at a very small restaurant named Sabina’s Hernando Diner for lunch. The beautiful weather allowed us to enjoy our lunch at a picnic table outside while the restaurant played 50’s music in the background. Diana & I both really enjoyed the environment.

After lunch we rode across the street to a large lake and watched while the locals launched their boats at the boat ramp. This gave us the opportunity to see some of the airboats in action. The guys that own these boats seem to take great pleasure in the noise from the engine and even greater satisfaction from the airboat’s speed.  I talked with several of the boat owners and they all told me the boats cruise at 50 mph and can reach speed of 70 to 75 mph.

By 2:30 pm we were back at the motorhome from our very pleasant ride. We agreed that we will return to the trail again before we leave. We spent the next several hours catching up on phones calls to our friends and family since cell phone usage is unlimited on weekends.



February 23, 2004  -  Monday

Nothing special to report for today. We spent the morning running some errands, grocery shopping and a visit to the fruit stand. The strawberries, oranges and tangerines have been delicious. After lunch we visited the Riverhaven Marina in Homosassa to gather details about renting a pontoon boat fro next week. The marina is located on Crystal River and the weather was perfect on this day. Blue skies and temps in the mid 70’s. 



February 24, 2004  - Tuesday                              

Last night around midnight heavy tropical rain began to fall and continued through most of the night. This morning the rains continued and some lighting and thunder came our way. While watching the morning TV news I noticed that a small tornado landed about 8 miles north of our location. Fortunately only minor damage was experienced. All morning the heavy rain continued with lots of loud, rolling thunder. A tornado watch was in effect till 4:00 pm. This was the first day that weather has hampered our plans  since we started our trip on January 30th

Peggy, the campground host visited us today to get familiar with Rebecca since she will be our dog sitter for tomorrow while we travel to Clearwater Beach for the day.


February 25, 2004  -  Wednesday 

As we started our trip this morning to Clearwater Beach the sky was beginning to clear from that past day of heavy rains. The drive to Clearwater took about 90 minutes via the Sun Coast Parkway. When we arrived in Clearwater the weather was ideal. Temp was about 70 with a slight sea breeze. 

As planned we met with Phil and Lilly Schettinger and enjoyed a tasty lunch at Crabby Bill’s. I had a fried grouper sandwich which tasted very much like flounder. After lunch we walked onto Pier 60 while we continued to talk about our work experiences at Verizon. Unfortunately the time quickly passed and by 3:00 pm it was necessary for us to begin our trip back the motorhome.



March 3, 2004  -  Wednesday 

It’s hard to believe another week has passed by and I have neglected to update the journal on a daily basis. Since last week we have taken several rides on the Withlacoochee Trail. Yesterday we started at Floral City and travel about 6.5 miles to a very nice park that had several pavilions. The group for this trip included Don & Cheryl, Barb & Cliff and Bonnie and Howard. The ride was great. 

Today we enjoyed a breakfast prepared by the men. Don delivered his special scrambled eggs, I cooked up some bacon and John prepared pancakes using his father’s secret recipe. The women scored the cooking using the Olympic Ice Skating point system, with 6.0 being a perfect score. The women were clever and decided that all men achieved a 6.0. Following breakfast we enjoyed a game of Cranium followed by a fiercely competitive game of Boules. 





March 6, 2004  -  Saturday 

Last night we all got together for a pot luck chili dinner at Don and Mary Ellen’s campsite. The evening’s activities started around 4:15 pm with another competitive game of Boules. Then we all enjoyed a bowl of chili prepared by Don and John accompanied by a salad prepared by Laurie and Bill and also home made bread prepared by Barb. For desert we all had a slice of Barb’s butterscotch pie. As the sun set we all gathered around and campfire and enjoyed each others conversation and laughter. 

Early this morning we began to bet the motorhome organized for the return trip home. Tomorrow we will leave Rock Crusher after spending 38 nights away from home.  

After getting the motorhome packed we headed to Cracker’s Bar & Grill to enjoy a lunch by the water. The temp today was in the mid 80’s, sunny, humid and a stiff 20 mph wind. Following a delicious lunch we rode down Fort Island road and stopped at the boat ramp to watch all the locals launching and retrieving their boats. Then we continued the drive out to the Fort Island Beach. 

During the early evening hours we walked through the campground to bid farewell to our new friends.  




March 7, 2004  -  Sunday               

With mixed emotions we started our trip home this morning, departing Rock Crusher Campground at 8:45 am. We would normally begin our travels much earlier but today we only had plans to travel about 240 miles, stopping at Lake Harmony Campground, Townsend, Georgia. We arrived at the campground at 3:20 pm after and safe and casual drive.  

The weather at Rock Crusher when we departed was foggy with a mist in the air. As we traveled north we encountered some rain, but by noon the clouds had cleared out and the weather was just gorgeous. The ride along I95 was slower than usual with lots and lots of motorcycles since this was the end of Bike Week at Daytona Beach.  


March 8, 2004  -  Monday 

We travel 250 miles today, taking our time and not rushing. We departed Lake Harmony Campground around about 8:35 am and arrived at South of the Border Campground around 3:00 pm. Since we weren’t in any great hurry I had time to get the Motorhome weighed while fueling at the Flying J. I was pleased to see both the front and rear axle weights are well within allowances.  

This morning when we first got started I was dressed in shorts and a long sleeve T shirt. At our first rest stop I had to cnage over to long sweat pants and at the second rest stop it was necessary to wear a sweat shirt. A cold front is moving through the east, including into Florida, and the daily high temperatures have dropped significantly. The driving weather for yesterday, as well as today, had been just perfect except for the winds. The skies have be sunny with temps in the hig 50’s but the winds today were whipping at 20 to 30 mph. 

The South of the Border is just fine for an over night stay. The pull throughs are very long, level asphalt, and some shade. The spacing between sites is also adequate but not foliage between sites for privacy. For a  one night stay the rate was $17.25 with a AAA discount. This was for a full hookup…..electric, water, sewer….no cable TV. 



March 9, 2004  -  Tuesday 

This morning when we woke up we could tell we were closer to home……the outside temperature was 33 degrees. The weather during the drive today was very nice with temps in the mid 50’s, sunny and a slight wind. 

We departed South of the Border around 7:30 am and completed our 270 mile drive at 1:30 pm arriving at Americamp Campground, Ashland, Virginia. After setting up we disconnected the car and drove to a brand new Wal-Mart Super center and then had our evening meal at Cracker Barrel. Both were located a short 3 miles north of the campground on I95 to Exit 92B. 

Americamp Campground is located just of I95, Exit 89. The campground has had many improvements completed over the past two years and makes for a very convenient one night stopover. For full hookups, nice level pull thru site the price was $28. Cable TV was not available. The campground is very close to I95 so road noise was quite prevalent. 

The weather for tomorrow is uncertain with the possibility of rain, mixed with snow. The temperatures overnight are expected to reach 30 degrees. Another 270 mile drive and we will be home after 42 days on the rode.  


March 10, 2004  -  Wednesday 

We arrived home today around 1:30 pm after a rather grueling drive around Washington D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia. Heavy traffic, snow showers and winds gusting to 35 mph made for a challenging drive. 

We had a great time, made some new friends and visited with some long time friends. We had a safe journey and are thankful.

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