Rock Crusher
Florida '11

Rock Crusher Canyon Campground in Crystal River, Florida has been one of our favorite locations for the past 3 years and again in 2007 we plan to spend 10 to 12 weeks here.

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  October 22, 2006  -  Sunday

Our RV travels for the past few months has been nearly nonexistent. In April we returned from our Winter stay in Florida. Then in May we attended the Gettysburg Rally for a few days. In June we took a week boon docking trip to visit our mother's in Pittsburgh and since then the motorhome has quietly rested in storage.

For the past four years we have been giving thought to down sizing from our current home into something smaller in a 55+ community. After extensive deliberations we finally took the leap and placed our house on the market in August.

Right now we are in the midst of packing our belongings in preparation for a November settlement on our new home. Below are some pictures of the new home. Once we get moved in with our own furniture I'll update the website with some more pictures.

It has been 28 years since we last moved so this has been a real learning experience for us. Currently we have about 60 boxes packed and I estimate another 45 boxes will be needed to compete the job.

About 3 weeks ago Diana & I took the motorhome to the storage facility and placed it under it's new cover for some of the winter months. We plan to leave for Florida in mid January. So once we move into our new house it is going to be a hectic scramble to get things into some semblance of organization.

Diana & I are truly excited about moving to our new home in 39 more days.

  November 3, 2006  -  Friday

The moving count down continues with only 25 days till moving. We are well prepared with about 95% of the packing completed. Over 100 boxes have been filled.

  November 7, 2006  -  Tuesday

Moving day is now only 21 days away. I would estimate that we are 98% packed and ready to go. At this point there are 128 packed boxes and we should be able to complete the task with another 20 boxes.

This past weekend we visited the motorhome to check the cover since the heavy 40 to 50 mph winds we had. The new cover was in great condition but next year I need to figure out how to better secure the front of the cover. Every winter in the past I would remove the engine battery and the two house batteries and keep them on trickle charge in our house basement. This year because of moving I decided to leave the batteries installed and will be visiting the motorhome every 2 to 3 weeks to start the engine and the generator. On this visit both engines started right up and ran smooth and quiet.

  December 24, 2006  -  Sunday

Wow....hard to believe it has been about 6 or 7 weeks since I last updated this website and in that short time we sold our house, packed over 170 boxes and moved to our new home.  The new house is just wonderful and today we are enjoying our first Christmas Eve in the new home.  Earlier this week we made a roundtrip visit to Pittsburgh (630 miles) to pickup Diana's mother so she could be with us until the middle of next week. Then we will take her back to Pittsburgh and bring my mother down for a week stay. 

Here are some pictures of the new house.