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From September 19 to September 26 we stayed at the Ocean View Resort campground which was centrally located between Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Wildwood, Atlantic City and Cape May. The weather for the entire week was just fantastic. Beautiful blue skies. low humidity and day time temps ranging from the mid 70's to low 80's.

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

This morning we left home and headed on a 116 mile trip to Ocean City, New Jersey. We will be spending the next seven nights at Ocean View Resort, located in the town of Ocean View, which is a 12 mile drive from the boardwalk at Ocean City.

Originally we were planning to begin our trip on Saturday but the remains of Hurricane Ivan brought heavy rains and winds to our area so we decided to delay our departure by one day. I’m glad we waited because the drive would have been terrible and I didn’t want to arrive at the campground during adverse weather conditions. 

Well, the drive today was absolutely gorgeous. It’s had to believe the weather yesterday was so miserable and the weather today was perfect. Just a few white clouds floated in the beautiful blue sky and the temperature was a perfect 72 degrees. 

This is our first visit to Ocean View Resort and so far we are very pleased with the facility. The ladies at the front desk where very pleasant when I made my reservations weeks ago and today, at check in, they were equally pleasant. It was also very nice that they allowed me to cancel last nights stay without having to pay for it. Many campgrounds would have charged. I would imagine this campground could be extremely busy during the summer vacation months, but now it is the off-season and most of the sites are empty. This means that we have lots of peace and quiet with lots of space to ourselves. 

Upon arrival Diana and I went about our normal setup procedures and all went well until I tried to lower the hydraulic leveling jacks. For some reason when I depressed the power button the power lamp would not light. I made several attempts and then decided to wait until later to do trouble shooting. We had a quick lunch and then decide to head to the boardwalk in Ocean City. 

We walked for about an hour on the boardwalk and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the “sites” on the boardwalk. Both of us retrained from eating the many goodies such as Johnson’s Carmel Popcorn, Mac & Manco’s Pizza, and Shriver’s Fudge….but sooner or later, sometime this week I’m certain I will get a large bucket of the caramel popcorn. Hopefully we will do enough bicycling on the boardwalk to work off the extra calories. If I calculate properly I will only need to bicycle 168 miles to work off the bucket of popcorn. Ugh…lots of exercise but the good tasting popcorn is worth it as an occasional treat. 

Upon returning to the motorhome I started to do some research on the hydraulic leveler problem by reading the installation/operator’s manual. I then opened the engine compartment and started to look for loose wires and blown fuses. Low and behold I found what appeared to be a loose wire in the fuse compartment. After securing the wire I tried the levelers and was delighted when they worked perfectly. What a great way to end the day. Right now it 7:50 pm and it is pitch black outside and the temperature is a chilly 60 degrees. The weather forecast for this week calls for sunny days through next Saturday with highs in the mid 70’s and over night lows in the 50’s. No rain in sight and looks like fantastic early Fall weather.



Monday, September 20, 2004

It was a little past 7:30 am when we woke up this morning. Most unusual by our standards since most of the time we are up and moving around 6:30 am. The overnight temperature dropped into the low 50’s but the cooler weather felt good and made for a restful nights sleep. Around 8:15 am we dressed warm and went for a morning walk through the campground. The campground has around 400 sites and I would estimate that over 80 per cent are seasonal sights. Our site number is E10 and is a long pull through with adequate space on each side.  As we walked through the campground we learned that this was going to be a peaceful week since very few folks were here. During our 45 minute walk I only spotted about a dozen of the sites to be occupied. The premium sites in Section E are extremely long with huge spacing in between. If I were to camp here during the peak summer months I would request one of these sites to maintain some privacy and spacing between RV’s.

After breakfast we loaded our bikes onto the Honda CR-V and headed to Ocean City. Rather than traveling the Garden State Parkway we drove north on Route 9 for about 7 miles and then made a right, heading east, onto 34th street and over the causeway. The total mileage to Ocean City is about 12 miles and takes about 20 minutes. Once in Ocean City we parked at 23rd and Central Avenue which marks the south end of the boardwalk. We bicycled north for 2.5 miles which marks the north end of the boardwalk. Now that the peak tourist season is over only about 30 percent of the shops and restaurants are open on the boardwalk during the weekdays and then most still open for the weekend visitors.

Our early morning walk and boardwalk bicycle ride worked up an appetite so we stopped at the Beach Club Restaurant on the boardwalk at 12th Street. By now it was starting to warm up a bit so we sat at a table outside where we could enjoy a nice view of the Atlantic Ocean and eat our late morning breakfast. We finished our meal and then jumped on our bicycles and headed north on the boardwalk again in an attempt to burn up some more calories. I used the portable GPS to track our biking and during the day we totaled just over 10 miles. We then returned to the motorhome around 2:00 pm.

Following a brief rest at the motorhome we drove to Sea Isle City which is a 5 minute, 3 mile drive from the campground. This was our very first time to visit this small beach community and we found it to be quite different from Ocean City. The town does have a boardwalk but it is constructed of macadam, there are very few shops and restaurants and the beach is much narrower than Ocean City. We walked the boardwalk for a short distance and then decided to return home. Before returning to the motorhome we stopped at the local Acme for some groceries and fresh fruit. 


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The weather this week continues to be just incredibly beautiful. This morning when we woke up it was 55 degrees outside and a bright clear blue sky. We had breakfast and then headed to Sea Isle City around 9:00 am for a bike ride.  Welcome to Sea Isle Tourism

When we arrived at Sea Isle City the place was vacant of any pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Many of the homes have been boarded up for the winter as were many of the restaurants. Speaking of restaurants….there are very few restaurants and not much commercialism to speak of. We rode our bikes the complete length of the promenade (boardwalk) which is 1.5 miles end to end. At the north end we rode down onto Central Avenue and followed that for about a half mile before turning around and heading back. We returned to the motorhome for lunch. 

Since Sea Isle City is so close to the campground we returned to the promenade for an afternoon walk along the beach and then we tried to sit on the beach but the flies were biting our legs. The flies were so annoying we had to retreat to the covered benches which gave us an excellent vantage point to sit and enjoy the ocean and a few surfers provided entertainment.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004  

Officially today was the first day of Autumn, but the temperatures continue to feel more like summer. Fortunately the humidity is extremely low, 34%, so even though the temperature is in the mid 80’s, it continues to be very comfortable with a 10 mph breeze. 

For breakfast this morning we drove 3 miles north of Route 9 and ate at Dino’s Seaville Diner. The food was good and prices were fair. We noticed last night when we drove by this diner at 5:30 pm, there were people waiting outside. We will most likely try this place some evening before we leave. 

After breakfast we drove to Sea Isle City and took a very pleasant 6 mile bike ride on the promenade and along the streets of Sea Isle City. While bicycling we came across a recreation area that had a large field which seemed quite suitable for kite flying. So upon completion of our bike ride we drove to the field and I flew the stunt kite for 40 minute. The winds were at 12 mph and sustained…so it made for nice flying. 

Later in the day we drove south on Route 9 for 22 miles to Cape May. We parked and walked on the macadam boardwalk and then left after an hour stroll. The hot sun and temperature was more than we wanted to handle so we headed back to the motorhome. 

Johnson’s Caramel Popcorn finally got the best of me. We visited the Ocean City Boardwalk tonight I could no longer resist the temptation of the delicious smell of the caramel popcorn. I only bought a small bag and that was plenty to keep me occupied while walking the boards. 


Thursday, September 23, 2004 

For some reason the flies became a real nuisance today. While taking our bike ride on Sea Isle City Promenade the we seemed to attract the flies like magnets. And those little bugger bit. We rode about 5 miles and as soon as we stopped for a water break the flies would congregate on our legs. Only 2 or 3 flies at a time, but their bite made you well aware of their presence.  

This evening we went to Ocean City and enjoyed a brisk 2 mile stroll on the boardwalk. Unfortunately I could not resist a stop at Shriver’s for some salt water taffy. So that we would not over indulge we thought it best to just purchase a few pieces of our favorite flavors rather than an entire 1 pound box. Well that strategy failed us….the bad new is we ended up buying nearly 1 pounds…..but the good news is they are all our favorite flavors. Yum ! 


Friday, September 24, 2004 

Once again the weather today was beautiful. We took a five mile bike ride on the Ocean City Boardwalk and then drove back to the motorhome following the coastal roads which provides a very picturesque drive. Early evening we took a bike ride along the promenade in Sea Isle City.

Since its Friday we have noticed a slight increase in traffic and a few more RV’s have arrived at the campground, but the area still is very peaceful.


Saturday, September 25, 2004

Another day of bicycling on the boardwalk of Ocean City was on our agenda this morning. We biked for 5 miles and then walked another 2 while going in and out of the shops on the boardwalk. Earlier in the week we bought some salt water taffy at Shriver's and it tasted so good we decided to replenish our supply with some of our favorite flavors such as strawberry banana, creamsickle, grape, lime, watermelon, and lemon. I was hoping the taffy machines would have been working but they were not but I did take a picture of the machinery used to make this great tasting candy treat. 

For our evening meal we decide to try Dino’s Seaville Diner and we were not disappointed. The prices were reasonable, the portions large, an extensive menu and the food was excellent. I would highly recommend this diner.



Sunday, September 26, 2004              

By 9:30 am this morning we were on the road heading home. Vehicle traffic was light until reaching I95 south of Philadelphia and then it was the usual 3 lanes of craziness.  

While on Route 322 in New Jersey we stopped at Carmen’s Fruit Market in hopes of getting some fresh corn on the cob but I guess its too late in the year so we only bought some nice Jersey tomatoes. 

This trip was a real delight with perfect weather and lots of relaxation. Diana and I are both so thankful that we have the good fortune and health to travel like we do.