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This was a one week trip to Whippoorwill Campground, Marmora, NJ with our youngest 2 grandchildren.  Then for the weekend all our children and grandchildren join us with their RV's.  A real fun time.


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June 18, 2009  -  Thursday

The weather for the past three weeks has been clouds & rain practically every day and today was no exception.  Last night our two youngest grandsons, Nick & Corey, stayed at our house so we could leave for Ocean City, New Jersey after breakfast.   By 8:30 am we were pulling away from the house while the sky continued to dump rain.

The 120 mile drive to Whippoorwill Campground took about 3 ˝ hours with a 30 minute stop along the way.  Morning rush  hour traffic was quite heavy continued to be stop and go funtil reaching I95 south.  Rain was with us the entire trip with 25 mph gusty winds.  But we were glad to arrive safely.

After registration at Whippoorwill Campground we proceeded to our assigned site only to find it about 40% flooded from rain waters.  I called the office and explained my concern and they very nicely offered five other sites we could decide upon.  After a drive to each of the sites we selected #290.  The site is a back in deep enough for the motorhome and car, level, shaded and nice spacing on both sides.  We are very pleased with our location.

For dinner the grandkids wanted McDonalds so we found one in Ocean City near 10th & Bay Streets.  After some nourishment we just had to drive a few blocks to find parking so we could walk the boardwalk.  Of course the grandkids had a great time in the “junk & souvenir stores” and wanted everything they saw.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather.  Right now at 8:00 pm the sky is still very cloudy and a cool 68 degrees. 


June 19, 2009 -  Friday

Guess what happened overnight?  Yep, more rain.  However, by this morning the rain had stopped and the sun actually peaked through a heavy layer of clouds. The 10 pm weather forecaster last night said there has been rain 14 of the past 18 days and the past 10 consecutive days have had rain.  There may be a break in the rain pattern today but more in the forecast for the next few days.

We still have the 2 youngest grandsons with us so we took advantage of the temporary improved weather and headed to the boardwalk to ride the surrey bikes.  We peddled for an hour and that was enough to tire Diana & me and I think the boys also tired.  I was somewhat surprised that the rental charge was $33 per hour with a $5 off coupon.  Seemed a bit on the expensive side, especially when we did all the work. 

The rest of the family safely arrived at the campground by late afternoon today.  After a cookout at our campsite we all headed to the Ocean City Boardwalk.  Thankfully this entire day was rain free and therefore the grandkids were able to get some time in the ocean around 6:30 pm.  The water had to feel cold as the reported water temp was only 68 degrees

June 20, 2009  -  Saturday

This morning started off in the right direction…rain free.  But it only stayed that way long enough for everyone to enjoy a quick breakfast at our campsite. We made plans to meet at the boardwalk later this morning around 10:30 am, but shortly after breakfast was completed the rains came back.  So we decided upon Plan B….go see a movie at Mays Landing.

We all met at Dave & Lauren’s campsite for dinner and then went over to the boardwalk for a stroll.


June 21, 2009  -  Father’s Day

Much happing today…..Father’s Day, first day of summer, David, Lauren, Corey, Nick, Jeff & Kim went home.  These events made it a happy but sad day.  It’s  always sad to see the kids leaving…......I missed having them here all day.  But Kelly, Barry and Jared are still here until tomorrow morning.

We traveled to visit Smithville which is located about 20 miles north of the campground.  The village contains a collection of 40+ unique shops and food establishments.  Later in the day we headed to the boardwalk for dinner at Mac & Manco Pizza.

The weather was actually rain free until 8:30 pm this evening but we were back at the campground by then.  The rest of the week still has the probability of rain at 30%.

While returning from the boardwalk this evening, I noticed one of the lamps lit on the dashboard of our Honda CRV.  We quickly checking the meaning of the lamp in the owners manual and it was not a great deal of help.  The “malfunction indicator” could be of the result of something as simple as a lose gas cap, or as serious as faulty engine’s emission control system.  Once back at that the motorhome I did some internet research and found the lamp will light if the gas cap was not properly tightened.  Here in New Jersey all stations have attendants that pump the gas and I just filled up yesterday, so there is a good chance the gas cap was not tightened properly by the attendant. 

I also learned via the internet that Advance Auto stores will do a free diagnostic of trouble lamps.  I found an Advance Auto just 7 miles north of the campground and we will visit there tomorrow.  I’m hoping the problem is a simple easy fix.


June 22, 2009  -  Monday

After bidding farewell to Kelly, Barry and Jared, we headed north for 20 minutes to find the Advance Auto store in Somers Point. The young fella in the store was kind enough to connect  a test device to our car and it indicated the O2 Sensor as the problem.  I decided to wait till we get home to take care of the repair as the car seems to be performing just fine in spite of this problem.


June 23, 2009  - Tuesday

Wow!!  This morning we slept till 9:30 am which is way later than our normal wakeup time of 7:00 am.  We hung around the motorhome till 12:30 pm and then decided to head south to Cape May.

The drive down Route 9 to Cape May was about 25 miles and took about fifty minutes.  We drove around town admiring the beautiful Victorian, beautifully maintained homes. On the return to the motorhome we stopped at a Wal-Mart  in Cape May to purchase a few items.  After a brief stop at the motorhome we headed 6 miles north to one of our favorite eateries….The Crap Trap in Somers Point.  Our dinner was delicious and when we arrived at 4:45 pm the crowd was just beginning to gather.  When we left the Crap Trap the customers were waiting outside for their turn.  We finished the day by walking on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

I almost forget to mention that finally we have had a day without rain.  The temp today hit 81 degrees with a slight breeze and periods of sunshine and occasional clouds.  But no rain.


June 24, 2009  -  Wednesday

I spoke too soon.  After being in bed last night for 10 minutes the rain suddenly began to fall…and quite heavy at times.  This morning we woke to cloudy skies but the forecast is for only a 30% chance of rain.


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