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This was a 14 day trip that took us to:

Lake In Wood Resort, Navron, PA

Pine Cove Beach & RV Resort, Charleroi, PA

Country Waye Resort, Luray, VA


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October 11, 2009  -  Sunday

This trip started this past Thursday when we departed from home heading to Lake In Wood RV Resort.  We stayed at this campground in the Spring about 4 years ago but had to cut our trip short when a blizzard snowstorm was forecasted for the area.  That was certainly not the case this time.  This is the Columbus Day weekend; however, the campground is celebrating Christmas.  Many of the seasonal sites are decorated with Christmas lights and the campground has all sorts of Christmas theme events.

The campground is located about 65 miles from home and about a 30 minute ride from all the Lancaster Amish attractions.  We are on site 114C which has a perfectly level cement pad with lots of space on both sides.  When we return we would be completely satisfied with this site again.  Joining us on this trip are Peg & Ken, our long time friends.  They just purchased their first RV about 2 months ago.

For the past few days we have travelled through the area visiting the outlet stores, Yoder’s Country Market, Two Cousins Pizza in New Holland and Green Dragon in Ephrata.  Although there was some rain on Friday it did not stop us from enjoying our visit.  The daily high temps have been in the high 60’s and night time lows getting into the 40’s. 

Peg and Ken had to return home late this afternoon but we are staying till tomorrow morning when we will be heading to Pittsburgh to visit our mom’s.


October 12, 2009  - Columbus Day 

As planned we pulled away from Lake In Wood Campground this morning at 8 am heading west for a 265 mile drive to Pittsburgh.  Usually we boon dock in the church parking lot by our moms’ apartment building and that was our intention for this trip.  At the Somerset rest stop on the Pennsylvania Turnpike we made a decision to not boon dock and instead head to Pine Cove Beach & RV Resort for a 5 night stay.  The weather forecast for this week calls for colder than normal temperatures with night time lows into the 30’s so we felt it would be much more comfortable sleeping in the motorhome with electric heat.  During the summer this campground was our destination and we found it to be a good choice although I wish it was closer than the one way drive of 25 miles to our moms’ apartment. 

Our site, #9, is conveniently located directly across from the laundry so getting caught up on washing clothes was a priority after setting up the motorhome.  Tomorrow we will do grocery shopping for my mother and my mother in-law.  Then on Wednesday we will be with my mother in-law while she has some leg surgery performed.  If all goes well we should be back on the road Saturday morning heading to Luray, Virginia. 

Today’s overcast weather with temps in the high 50’s was ideal for travel.  No sun glare and the cool temps helped the motorhome engine perform at optimum.  Before taking this trip I replaced the engine distributor cap & rotor which seemed to make the engine purr even better than normal.


October 13, 2009  -  Tuesday

A cloudy cold sky and brisk winds made today feel wintery.  As it turns out, it is fortunate that we are staying at the campground rather than boo docking this week.  The forecast for the remainder of the week has the daily high temps in the high 40’s and overnight going down to the low 30’s.  By the end of the week there is a possibility of snow showers to the north and west of Pittsburgh.  Hopefully we will not encounter any “white stuff” on the turnpike in the Somerset area.  If by chance travels get too bad we can always just pull off the road and boon dock till conditions improve, but hopefully this will not be the case.


October 14, 2009  -  Wednesday 

It’s 5:30 am right now and we are getting ready to pickup Diana’s mom and take her to the hospital for surgery today.  The overnight temps have dipped to 34 degrees and the high temp for today is expected to stop around 46 degrees. The temps for the remained are the week will be even colder, running 10 to 15 degrees below normal.  Based on the weather forecast it certainly appears we will see some snow activity in the next few days.  I guess I will not be wearing the Bermuda shots during this trip!!


October 15, 2009  -  Thursday 

It’s good to report Diana’s mom did well in surgery yesterday.  I was alone in the motorhome last night since Diana stayed with her mom as she recovered. 

The adjectives that best describe the weather would be cold & nasty.  The daily high temps are still only reaching 43 degrees which is 20 degrees below the normal for this time of year.  The outlook for the next 2 days remains the same as today…cold, rain and perhaps snow. 

We spent the day running errands, cleaning the moms apartments and getting them stocked up on groceries.


October 16, 2009  -  Friday 

This afternoon I had something very special happen.  Earlier this week I read that Saint Mary’s Church would be closing.  This is the church where I made my First Holy Communion some 55 yrs ago.  My grandparents, aunts, uncles…the entire family went to church here.  For the past three days I have been trying to get access to the church to see it inside for one last time.  Finally today I struck it lucky and the door was not locked.  When I went inside the church was more beautiful than I ever remembered.  It was originally built in 1895 and could never be replicated today.  The art work, stained glass windows, marble floors, pews and chandeliers are priceless.  There was only one other person in the church, a woman by the alter.  She was standing there so I talked with her and we traded memories and stories about our relationship with the church.  She then asked if I would like to have something to have as a remembrance of the church.  She took me to a room at the back of the church and presented me with a beautiful plaque that was made in Italy.  I stayed for about 30 minutes and the whole time no one else came in.  It was almost as if she was a sent to meet me there.  What a coincidence.  As I left I genuflected at the alter and then began to cry as I walked out of the church for the last and final time.


October 17, 2009  -  Saturday

The nor’easter storm working its way up the east coast has continued to bring cold temps and precipitation to the Pittsburgh.  In fact, State College, Pennsylvania, received 6 inches of snow yesterday.  This morning when we woke up there was not any snow in our area so we decided to begin the trip to Luray, Virginia as planned.  The drive through Somerset via the Pennsylvania Turnpike did not present any snow.  Temps were cold in the 34 degree range and wet with rain….but no snow.

By 2:30 pm we were pulling into Country Waye Resort after completing the 260 mile drive.  Our site # 63 will be just fine for the next week stay.  By mid week the weather is expected to return to the normal seasonal temps of high 60’s.

The trees along the turnpike were in full vibrant fall colors but the leaves here in Luray have only started to change.


October 18, 2009  -  Sunday

The continuing cold, dreary and damp weather helped us to decide upon staying close to the motorhome today.  After visiting the local Laundromat a brief visit to Wal-Mart for a few odds and ends was needed.  Then it was back to the motorhome to watch some football, get caught up on email and do some reading.

By late afternoon the rain had stopped and clouds began to move out.  Most of the day the clouds were low enough that most of the mountains could not be seen.  But once the clouds lifted it was very noticeable that snow had covered the peaks.  Tomorrow we plan to visit Skyline Drive and perhaps see some of the white stuff.


October 19, 2009  -  Monday

This morning we woke to a temperature of 30 degrees.  Last night before going to bed I had considered disconnecting the outside water hose, but instead allowed the kitchen faucet to drip ever so slightly to prevent the pipes from possible ice/  As it turns out that was probably not really necessary.  The worst of the cold weather is behind us and both the day time and night time temperatures are going to return to normal….highs in the 70’s and lows in the 40’s.

A drive to Culpeper was on the agenda today.  The route took us over the mountain and provided a beautiful, picturesque ride for about 35 miles.  Once at Culpeper I found an old hardware store that was 104 year old……Clark’s Hardware.  I went inside to look for a campfire poker but they did not have any in stock.

We drove the Skyline Drive and stopped at Skyland for lunch. By the way, the snow from yesterday was still in place at the higher elevations along the drive.  I was able to sigh up for the Senior Pass – America the Beautiful.  From now on all I have to do is show the pass to gain free access to all National Parks.


October 20, 2009  -  Tuesday

Wow….what a difference in the weather.  For the past week the daily temps were struggling to get out of the 40’s with cloudy, dreary days.  Well today the temperature reached 75 degrees and is supposed to be even nicer tomorrow.

We took advantage of the nice weather and visited the Hawksbill Greenway for a long walk the entire distance of the path.  The remainder of the day we hung around the motorhome simply reading and doing some chores to prepare the motorhome for winter storage.


October 23, 2009  -  Happy Friday

We aren’t ready to go home but I guess we have no choice.  Luray is always one of our favorite places to visit & relax.  A short drive into Luray for dinner  at Uncle Buck’s was the high point of the day.  All the food there seems to be freshly made and always quite tasty.  As we returned to the motorhome the rain started to come down after threatening all day long.  For the most part of the day the clouds floating around the mountain obscured them from view, however it was most interesting and intriguing to watch.  This is the first daytime rain we had this week and now the temps are expected to be in the low 60’s again.  Most of this week the temps were unusually warm with the high almost reaching 80 on both Wednesday & Thursday.

Yesterday we drove north on Skyline Drive for 30 miles and exited at Front Royal.  The overlook views were impressive with a vast panoramic view of the Shenandoah Valley.

On Wednesday we drove south on the drive to Big Meadow where we had lunch at the lodge.  The place was crowded and it required nearly a 40 minute wait before we could be seated.  Returning from the lodge we drove through Big Meadow Campground where we spotted a heard of deer grazing from one campsite to the next.  They were not phased one bit by our presence. Then a fella brought our attention to a very large 8 point buck that was laying in the grass by one of the campsite.  He peacefully laid there while one person after another for within 15 feet to snap a memorable picture.  He seemed content to just lay there while everyone made a big fuss about him.

Each day we have been doing some small chores to clean the motorhome and start preparing for winter storage since this is our last trip for the 2009 camping season.


October 24, 2009  -  Saturday

By bedtime last night the rain had stopped and a slight wind had arrived. The slight breeze began to increase and at 3 AM I had to get out of bed to go outside to retract the window awnings.  The forecast had called for winds of 10 to 20 but that changed over night.  At 8 AM this morning the winds are howling at 20 to 30 mph, gusting to 45+ mph.  Glad we do not have to be driving the motorhome in this wind.  The good news is the temperatures are mild.

  October 25, 2009  -  Sunday

Over night the weather returned to more normal conditions and it was a very enjoyable drive home.  This is our last trip for 2009.  Tomorrow I'll winterize the motorhome and by next weekend we will have changed the oil and placed the cover on in preparation for the coming winter snow.


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