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Reservation for this trip have been made at Whippoorwill Campground located in Marmora, NJ.  We will arrive just a few days after Labor Day.

September 8, 2010   - Wednesday

We were both anxious to begin this week long trip to Whippoorwill Campground located in Marmora, New Jersey.  The campground is very conveniently located with just a short 15 minute drive to the boardwalk in Ocean City.

Departure time this morning was around 8:30 am with a forecast for sunny skies and a high temperature of 91 degrees.  As usual we drove slightly under the speed limit, while taking our time to cover the 110 miles journey.  Traffic on the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was crawling along due to construction.  Then when we took the Mid County exit onto the Blue Route traffic was quite congested and moving at a crawl due to construction.   That area will continue to be a mess for at least the next year and the Northeast Extension will only get worse when they begin to expand the road to 3 lanes on both the north and south bound sides.

By 12:45 pm we arrived at Whippoorwill Campground and in a short matter of time we were setup in Site 31.  The site is a back in with plenty of room for parking the car in front of the motorhome.   The site is level, full hookup, cable TV and free WiFi is available at the office.  Many people do not like this campground because the paved roads are very narrow and numerous trees to navigate around.  Also, the campground is almost completely empty because kids had to return to the beginning of the new school year yesterday.  Total cost for the 7 night stay came to $248.

Later this evening we have plans to drive to the boardwalk and meet our friends Ken & Peg at the Schriver’s candy store.  This will be a test of my self control since I love, I mean I really love the salt water taffy.

 September 9, 2010  -  Thursday

It was just a week ago today that we were home watching the news about the hurricane off the coast from Ocean City.  The category 3 hurricane was causing winds, overcast skies and rough ocean surf.  What a difference a week can make!!  The weather here to is PERFECT.  Beautiful blue sky with white puffy clouds….low humidity, a slight breeze and temps in the mid 70’s.

Diana & I walked the beach for about 70 minutes this morning and then headed over to have “second breakfast” with our friends Peg & Ken.  We camp with them but this week they have rented a place on the corner of Central & 47th.

Later this afternoon we have plans for dinner at the Crab Trap in Somers Point and then perhaps a short trip to Atlantic City.  Most likely will visit the Borgota Casino to try our luck.

 September 11, 2010  -  Saturday

Yesterday we travelled with our friends Peg & Ken to Cape May and enjoyed lunch at one of the restaurants on Washington Street and then went to Cape May Point.  Weather was very nice in the mid 70’s.

We are fortunate today to have another spectacular  day weather wise again today.  By 9 am we were on the Ocean City boardwalk with our bikes.  All the times we have been to Ocean City we never stopped at Brown’s on the north end of the boardwalk for a freshly made donut.  Well, this time we did stop for a cinnamon sugar donut.  Awesome !!!   Definitely going to do that again.

September 13, 2010  - Monday

What a difference a day can make.  The rain & clouds of yesterday have been replaced with  a beautiful sunny sky today with temps expected to be around 78 degrees.

By 9 am we were on the “boards” starting at 23rd Street and walked the entire distance north to the Lifeguards’ Station.  The entire round-trip walk for this morning was almost 5 miles.  For us this was the first time to walk the “boards” from one end to the other and by the time we finished I was ready to sit down for a rest.

The weekend crowd from Saturday is all gone now and there are no lines waiting to be seated at Mac & Manco’s Pizza.  In fact, no lines anywhere.

After lunch we returned to sit on the beach under the umbrella to enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean.





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