Florida '11
Florida '11
  This will mark our 6th time to winter in Florida.  
Wednesday  -  November 24, 2010

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we have been getting organized for the coming Christmas Holiday as well as preparing the motorhome for a December 28th departure for Florida.  In previous years we would wait until after New Year so this will be our first time to leave so early.  Plastic bins have already packed with clothing and also with other items for the kitchen & bathroom.  Probably the week before Christmas we will begin to load the motorhome since there will be much work and coordination to get the house prepared right after Christmas.

Monday   -  January 3, 2011

Happy New Year  !!  We arrived here at Olde Mill Stream RV Resort around 1:00 pm this past Friday.  We only had a short 225 mile drive so when we arrived there was plenty of day light to set up and get situated.  Bill & Betty, our neighbors in the site across from us, were gracious enough to cook dinner for us.  Since this was New Year's Eve there was a dance at the clubhouse, so we attended a fun filled night.

Since arriving we have been busy doing little chores such as washing the road salt from the motorhome and car, plus a few other minor chores.  We are no just about ready to kick back and relax.

The weather for the past few days has been so pleasant compared to the cold snow back home.  Each day has been sun filled with high temperature reaching low to mid 70's and over night dipping into the low 50's.  Hopefully it will remain this way for the month of January.

Our trip started last Wednesday, December 29th.  This was the earliest we ever started heading south.  It require lots of planning, coordination and work to celebrate the Christmas Holiday and then take all the decorations down and at the same time pack the motorhome.  But all went well and we left home about 4:15 am and drove 535 miles before stopping at South of the Border Campground at 4:00 pm.  This first day drive is always the most difficult & demanding because the first 3 hours are in the dark while negotiating the roads & traffic as we pass through Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore and Washington DC.

On Thursday, December 30th, we were on the road by 7:15 am for the next 275 miles before stopping at Inland Harbor Campground, Darien, Georgia.  The previous night we did not hook up the water since the overnight temp dropped to 24 degrees, however, while in Georgia we did connect the water since the night time temp only dropped to 45 degrees.

The on Friday, December 31st we departed from Georgia at 7:30 am and continued a leisurely 225 mile drive to our ultimate destination, Olde Mill Stream RV Resort.

Two days before leaving from home the entire northeast was blasted with a winter storm with blizzard conditions.  The storm accumulated about 10 inches of snow in our area with winds of 20 to 30 mph, gusting to 50 mph.  It was only necessary to delay our departure by one day to allow the roads to be cleared and the winds to subside.

We are most thankful for a safe passage to the south and now looking forward to some fun times.

Wednesday  -  January 5, 2011

In the days ahead I will begin to add pictures of the campground and also pictures from our day trips.  The weather was in the mid 70's today with a sky that changed from clear blue to completely overcast.  At the present it is 8 pm and finally some rain has arrived after threatening all day.  Most of Florida has been experiencing drought conditions so this rain is much appreciated.

Thursday  -  January 6, 2011

I'm still trying to get accustom to typing 2011 instead of 2010.  Gosh time sure flies !

The overnight rain storm prompted me to prepare the window glide on the window by the dinette table.  The rubber glide for the slide window has deteriorated to the extent that the water weep holes became clogged.  Before leaving home I had ordered the replacement rubber glide.  The job was simple enough and now the window slides much easier.  Over the next few weeks I'll do the same repair to the rest of the windows since I still have sufficient rubber glide material.

The rain storm brought with it a cold front so the temp for today only reached the mid 60's but still warm enough that I could wear burmuda shorts but right now at 5:30 pm the wind has started to increase to a brisk 20 mph making it feel cooler than it actually is.

Tuesday  -  January 11, 2011

On our way to lunch at Cracker Barrel in Leesburg, we made a brief stop in Eustis so I could take some quick photographs.  Earlier last week I noticed some old railroad passenger cars and I thought they would make a good subject for me to experiment with my new DSLR camera and post processing in Photomax software.

Below are a few of the shots.  I like the animated appearance that the Photomax software creates and I'm anxious to find the "perfect" subject.