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We have reservations at Olde Mill Stream RV Resort, Umatilla, Florida, beginning the first week of January and continuing till early April.  This will be our first time at this campground.


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  December 5, 2009  -  Saturday

Earlier this week we took a short trip to Pittsburgh to visit our Moms.  Now we are back home and busy with Christmas activities.  The weather outside at this moment is frightful....the first snowfall of the season started at 2 pm today and after about one hour the rooftops and grass are coated with the white stuff.

We plan to depart or Florida on January 5th and take 3 days to Olde Mill Stream RV Resort, Umatilla, Florida.

  December 12, 2009  -  Saturday

Counting down....in about 24 days we head south.  The weather this past week has been the coldest thus far with highs not much above 30 degrees and the winds blowing at 30 mph.  This week we spent the day at Longwood Gardens enjoying the lights and magnificent flower display. I expect we will remove the cover from the motorhome in about 10 days.

  December 18, 2009  -  Friday

A winter storm warning has been issued beginning tomorrow morning and continuing thru Saturday and into Sunday afternoon.  The potential for 6 to 12 inches of snow is possible.  So that has motivated us to visit the motorhome in storage today to remove the cover and install the engine & house batteries.  All went smoothly and both the engine and generator started up as if they had never been in storage. 

  December 20, 2009  -  Sunday

The weatherman sure did an accurate job predicting this snow storm.  By 11 pm last night, snow totaling near 12 inches had accumulated in our area and due to the blowing, winds drifts were 2 feet.  I'm sure glad we removed that motorhome cover the other day.  sixteen days and counting.

  December 29, 2009  -  Tuesday

The short term weather forecast calls for a mix of snow and rain for New Years Eve, but looking long term toward our departure next Tuesday, the weather looks to be cold but no signs of snow or rain.  This morning the winds started howling at 30 mph & gusting to 45 mph with a frigid Arctic air mass working its way into the area. The temp today is only expected to reach the high 20's.

  January 1, 2010  -  Friday  -  HAPPY NEW YEAR

After lunch we brought the motorhome to the house and started packing in anticipation of leaving for Florida around 4:30 am Sunday.  Right now we are keeping a close eye on the weather as an Arctic blast of cold air is due to arrive tomorrow and Sunday.  Snow flurries are expected but the real issue could be the wind.

  January 3, 2010  -  Sunday

At 3:30 am this morning the alarm clock sounded and I quickly turned on the TV weather channel for a current report concerning the winds.  A Wind Advisory was in affect so that helped make the decision to postpone our departure for today. The Arctic Blast did arrive yesterday and the high for today is only expected to be around 26 degrees.  Now I know how the astronauts must feel when their launch is cancelled.  Hardly any food in the house since everything is in the motorhome.


  Finally, after 30 hours of strong, sustained winds, some calmness is starting to take place outside.  The temperature today never made it above 23 degrees and now the wind is still here but not howling any longer.  By tomorrow morning the winds are expected to be 15 mph which will allow for our planned departure.        
  January 4, 2010  -  Monday

At 4:35 am this morning we were pulling away from from our house and all seemed well with the motorhome.  Now that the winds have subsided to 20 mph the temperature of 22 degrees feels almost balmy.  After driving nearly 525 miles we have safely arrived in Sleepy Bear Campground.  The new exit for I695 north of Baltimore caused a problem as we missed the exit and landed in the "burbs" of Baltimore wondering around the narrow roads of old residential section for nearly 45 minutes.  Gas was selling for $2.47 at the Flying J, Carmel Church, VA, Exit 104...this is about 15 cents cheaper than we are currently paying at home.  Once past Washington DC the traffic on I95 seemed lighter than normal and far fewer RV's than I expected to see.  For some odd reason I spotted nearly a dozen cars along the way with flat tires.

  January 5, 2009  -  Tuesday

Another good day of driving about 290 miles to our current location....Inland Harbor Campground, Darien, Ga...Exit 49 off I95.  We have stayed here before and return because the sites are adequate, mostly level with hard surface roads and parking area.  The $27 fee includes full hook up, WiFi and cable TV.  The weather is still cold with records breaking low temperatures that look like they will linger for the next 7 to 10 days.  The low here for tonight is expected to hit 24 degrees.

  January 7, 2010

By 3:00 Pm yesterday we had arrived at our final destination, Olde Mill Stream Campground. The last day of driving was pleasant with the weather being chilly with abundant sunshine. Last night we went to dinner at Golden Coral with our fiends Patty & Guy, John & Sherry and Brian & Linda.  Everyone had a good time getting caught up on stories.

Most of today was spent checking out the campground facilities and learning the routine.  Also, a trip to the local Wal-Mart in Mt. Dora was necessary to get stocked up on supplies.

The temperature reached 60 degrees today and felt really comfortable for a change.  However, this weekend a cold blast is expected to drop temperatures again to record lows.



  January 8, 2010  -  Happy Friday

The weather across the nation continues to make news headlines and that includes Florida.  This weekend another cold blast will blanket the country with the temperature high here tomorrow expect to be only 39 degrees and the low about 22 degrees.  The good news however....but next week the normal temperatures will return with daily highs near 70.

  January 9, 2010  -  Saturday

Another cold day.  Temp did not get much above 37 degrees, cloudy and this morning there was a brief flurry of freezing rain & sleet.  To make matters worse the entire city of Umatilla experience a power outage which included the Olde Mill Stream RV Resort.  I waited 30 minutes to see if the electric would be restored quickly and then decided to run the motorhome generator.  Any other time the generator starts immediately without any problem.  This time for some reason it sputtered for a few minutes before running its normal smooth, quiet fashion.  I suspect the cold weather caused some condensation to form resulting in the rough performance.  The problem resolved on its own and we ran on generator for about 60 minutes.  Thankfully the commercial power is back on now.

  January 11, 2010  -  Monday

For the past several nights there has been concern about water lines freezing due to the hard freeze temperatures, i.e., last night the low was 24 degrees.  These record cold temperatures are expected to leave starting today and gradually return to normal seasonal temps.  To prevent the motorhome pipes from freezing we have been allowing the kitchen & bathroom faucets to drip a stream of water.  So far this seems to prevent any problems.

The cold weather has curtailed our daily activity so we have mainly focused on learning what attractions, dining and shopping is available in the area.

  January 16, 2010  -  Saturday

I have not yet taken the time to describe Olde Mill Stream RV Resort.  We are on site #412 which is in the new section that was just recently opened last year.  The entire campground is very level and all sites have cement pads for the patio.  The sites in the new section are spacious and our site is extra large because of being on a corner.  The 3 month rate of $595 per month applies to us and that includes electric, water and $50 of electric use each month which would be about 300 KWH per month.  Additional usage is charged at 17 cents per KWH.  Due to the terribly cold weather the first week of our stay we have already consumed the $50 electric allotment by using 2 electric space heaters to keep the motorhome warm & comfy. Cable TV is not included but I think if you are here long term arrangements can be made for connection.  Free WiFi is provided and works well at times but often the signal drops off so I found it more reliable to tether my notebook to my Sprint cell phone.  Both Sprint and Verizon cell signal strength is strong.

The campground offers all sorts of amenities such as 3 pool tables, a heated swimming pool, table tennis, pickle ball court, basketball court, shuffle board, large laundry room, bingo, entertainment shows and of course bingo.....and many more activities.....too many to mention.

The past few days we have traveled several hundred miles exploring the area. Sixty miles to the south is Disney World and we went there on Thursday to visit Dick & Barb at Fort Wilderness Campground where they are staying for the month of January.

Today we went to Markets of Marion with Patty & Guy our friends from Michigan. This is a huge flea market located in Bellview about 25 miles from our campground.  Great place to search for "stuff".  Afterwards we enjoyed a late lunch at Aunt Fannies Restaurant.  Good home cooked food and extremely reasonable prices.  On our ride back we stopped drove thru the Florida Carriage Museum and plan to return in the future when we have the time to properly tour the attraction.

  January 17, 2009  -  Sunday

Last night we attended the 50's Dance at the clubhouse.  Over 200 people showed up making for a fun evening.  The DJ did a remarkable job playing all the favorite songs from the 50's. Later today we will be attending a pork chop dinner at the clubhouse sponsored by the local American Legion. 

I forget to give an update on the weather.  Since the beginning of the week that nasty Arctic Blast has departed, yielding to pleasant daily temps in the low to mid 70's and overnight in the very comfortable for sleeping high 50's.  The warm weather has brought  everyone out of their RV's with lots of activity in the campground.  We are all glad to see that cold weather GONE!!!

  January 18, 2010  -  Monday

Blue Spring State Park located near Orange City was a 33 mile drive from the campground this morning.  The trip was well worth it as we were able to view well over 100 Manatees taking refuge in the warm 72 degree waters of Blue Spring.  The water is perfectly crystal clear.  A 15 minute walk along the boardwalk leads to the source of the spring fed waters.  A large dark green opening on the floor of the stream can be seen through the clear waters.

  January 21, 2010  -  Thursday

Right now, 6:30 pm, we are sitting inside the motorhome watching the lighting flashes in the sky and listening to buckets of water crashing on the rooftop and sides of the motorhome.  All day it was extremely humid and 80 degrees, and you could just tell before the day ended there would be a thunderstorm.

Now that the nice warm weather has arrived we have been able to meet more and more of our neighbors.  Many of the folks have been here since early November and spend a full 6 months here and return each year.

  January 24, 2009  -  Sunday

I just returned from flying the stunt kite in the large field across from our site.  The winds are blowing at a constant 15mph and gusting to 25 mph.  One minute the sky is filled with black storm clouds and then the next minute nothing but blue sky and lots of brilliant sunshine.  It certainly feels like a storm will be here tonight since the temperature is about 82 degrees and humidity at 80% plus.  Most everyone has taken down their awnings in preparation for the forecasted severe weather early this evening.

Last night at the clubhouse we were entertained by Denny Zavett & Friends.  The group consisted of a piano, bass guitar, banjo and washboard with symbols.  They did a great job playing old time favorites and sharing some good clean humor.  Admission was $10 per person and well worth every penny.

Well now its time to watch the final round of the NFL playoffs.

  January 25, 2010  -  Tornado Warning !!

A knock at our door at 5 am woke us.  Our neighbor told us that there has been a tornado warning issued by the National Weather and we should seek safe shelter in the clubhouse.  We quickly put on our clothes and drove to the clubhouse where over 200 other people had gathered.  By 6:10 am the all clear was issued and we returned to the motorhome.  There were some high winds and heavy rain, but no tornado in our area.  Thankfully!!

  January 27, 2010  -  Wednesday

Approximately 45 miles northeast of the campground lies Daytona and that was our destination for today.  A 1 hour stop at the Daytona International Speedway was enough time to sit in the grandstands at turn 4.



  From the speedway we continued another 6 miles to the beach where we were able to drive the car right on the beach.  It was an unusual feeling driving well over four miles on the sandy beach.....never did that before.



  January 28, 2010  -  Thursday

The destination for today was Celebration, a beautiful town developed by Walt Disney.  We met friends, Elaine & Rich, for lunch at the Market Street Cafe.

  February 2, 2010  -  Tuesday

This is now the second day in a row for rain with mild temperatures in the upper 60's.  We have been trying to find indoor things to do like walking at the Lake Square Mall, watching a movie and getting the motorhome stocked with food.  But, we both need some sun and that should happen later this afternoon.

  February 3, 2010  -  Wednesday

An early wake up call this morning, 5:30 am, and then on the road by 7 am to drive the 75 miles to Kennedy Space Center.  The crowds at the center were small, mainly due to kids being in school, so it was ideal timing for a fun and exciting visit.  This coming Sunday the Endeavor Shuttle is scheduled for launch at 4:39 am, and we were hoping for a glimpse of the shuttle on the launch pad.  We did get to see the shuttle about 3 miles off in the distance but a good view was blocked by the gantry that supports the shuttle on the launch pad.  The only portion visible was the orange tip of the booster rocket.  We were disappointed however the bus tour of the center, the 3D IMAX and the space shuttle simulator made for an awesome day.



  February 5, 2010  -  Friday

While the folks back home in Pennsylvania are getting prepared for the arrival of a major snow storm, we here are getting ready for a line of thunderstorms arriving later this afternoon.  It's 2 PM right now and our weather radio just sounded an alert for a "tornado watch" through 8 PM this evening.

  February 6, 2010  -  Saturday

Luckily the "tornado watch" yesterday never developed into anything other than rains and winds.  Outside right now though the winds have been howling since noon time today sustained at 25 mph and gusting to 40+.  At times the motorhome is rocking as if we are driving down a bumpy road.  On a good note, the sky is perfectly clear and lots of sunshine.

The space shuttle continues the countdown to a 4:39 am launch which we plan top view from here at the campground.  NASA reports the launch as an 80% "go".


  February 7, 2010  -  Super Bowl Sunday

At 4:20 am this morning we were outside with our eyes focused on on the sky gazing in an eastward direction.  The picture below tell the story.  The launch was scrubbed due to overcast skies.  New launch is set for tomorrow morning at 4:14 am.


  February 8, 2010  -  Launch is a GO !!!!

At 3:45 am we crawled out of bed in anticipation of the space shuttle Endeavor launch at 4:14 am.  This time we were much smarter and checked TV for a launch status before leaving the comfort of our motorhome.  Once the launch was confirmed with "all systems go", we quickly jumped in the car and drove the very short 300 yards where there is a viewing area with a clear view to the East.

The sky was crystal clear and an enormous number of starts were brightly shining.  Then the horizon suddenly changed from pitch black to an orange color as if the sun was rising.  The orange glow became brighter and then there appeared en huge ball of fire with a long fiery tail.  Awesome, incredible, unbelievable!!!  All went well and we could also see the first separation of the booster rockets.  After seeing the shuttle in flight for about 8 minutes we began to hear a faint rumble of sound for the first time.


  February 10, 2010  -  Wednesday

Granted, the weather here in Florida continues to be unseasonably chilly, but still not anything like the folks are getting back home in Pennsylvania.  Last week they had a monster snow storm that deposited nearly 2 feet of the white stuff and now today they are getting hammered again with 12 to 18 inches more.  To make the situation even worse the winds are howling at 16 mph with gusts near 30 mph making for blizzard conditions.  I'm not complaining about our high of 59 degrees and sunny skies here in Florida.  I asked fiends and family to email some pics and now I have more than I need.

  February 14, 2010  -  Happy Valentines Day

The weather continues to be chilly and below the seasonal average of 73 degrees.  Today the temps did reach the low 60's with lots of brilliant sunshine.  We decided to take a ride into the Ocala National Forest which is just a few miles north of our home base.  An easy drive on Rt. 19 north took us to a park visitors station where we were able to get some information about the forest.  We chose Alexander Spring for our destination and arrived there must sooner than expected.  From the visitor station it was a brief 15 mile drive.  I thought my American the Beautiful senior citizen pass would grant me free access to the park, but instead we had to pay $2.75 per person which was one half the normal entrance fee.

The spring fed stream waters are perfectly crystal clear.  A very nice boardwalk weaves thru the forest along the bank of the stream for 1/2 mile and provided a quiet peaceful walk.



  February 23, 2010  -  Tuesday

The days are rapidly passing by.  The weather has finally improved and we are now experiencing normal daily temps in the mid 70's and overnight dropping to a very comfortable mid 50's.

Today we visited New Smyrna Beach for the first time and pleased with what we found.  The main beach area had lots of small tourist type stores and the beach itself was clean with soft white sand.

We had a great lunch at the Boston's Fish House.  The food was delicious, reasonable prices, large portions and excellent service.  This is a must visit restaurant and we plan to stop by at least one more time before the end of our trip.

  February 26, 2010  -  Happy Friday

Here it is the end of February and the weather continues to be "cold" here in Florida.  This morning when we got up the outside temperature was 33 degrees.  Some days have been in the high 70's but for the most part the days have been chilly.  Today there is abundant sunshine but only going to be about 65 degrees which is about 8 degree below the average.  The weather has hampered our activities some.  Back home they are getting another snowstorm with heavy winds.

  February 27, 2010  -  Saturday

Five miles to the south of us is the small town of Eustis.  This weekend the town had a carnival and fireworks to celebrate George Washington's Birthday.  The rain showers all day caused many of the scheduled activities to be cancel except for the 7:30 pm firework display.  We had a front row seat as the fireworks exploded right in front of us over Lake Eustis.

  March 1, 2010  -  Daytona Bike Week

The weather was in the high 60's today so for made for a perfect day to visit Daytona for Bike Week.  The site of thousands, and I mean many thousands, of motorcycles descending upon Main Street in Daytona Beach is beyond my vocabulary to explain it so that someone could fully understand all that we saw and experienced.  We had a blast just taking in the sights and the SOUNDS!!!  What an awesome day.  One motorcycle was more beautiful than the next.  Plus there were many very unusual and unique bikes.


When we first arrived at Daytona Beach we decided to have lunch at a park overlooking the ocean and then we took our chairs and sat on the beach for a couple hours enjoying the warm sun, people watching and the sound of the waves rolling in.

  March 5, 2010  -  Friday

On Wednesday morning we headed south to Disney World for a two night stay at Buena Vista Suites located about in Kissimmee about 2 miles from the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.  Our friends John & Sherry, from Michigan, joined us and this was their first time to ever visit Disney World.

We parked our car in the Wilderness Lodge parking lot and enjoyed a lunch in their restaurant.  Then we spent the afternoon visiting the Disney hotel accommodations taking advantage of the Disney Transportation including the monorail, bus and boats on Bay Lake.  This also gave us the opportunity to make plans for where we would park the next day at the theme parks.


By 8 am on Thursday morning we were in the car heading to the Magic Kingdom parking area.  From there we planned on taking the monorail from the Transportation Center to Epcot but the park was not scheduled for opening till 9 am and we could not board the monorail till then.  Those people staying at a Disney hotel could get early magic hours access, so I showed my hotel key to an attendant and he allow us onto the grounds because the key had a Walt Disney logo. That was a great benefit because now we were able to get into Epcot before the main gates opened to the general public at 9 am.

After being able to enjoy many of the attractions at Epcot, including Soaring, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Test Track, Circle of Life and many more.....we had lunch at Electric Umbrella and then headed to the monorail for the short trip to the Magic kingdom.  The crowds in Epcot were very light and most all attractions we were able to enjoy with a wait of 10 minutes or less.  We did get one Fast Pass for Test Track and that worked out perfectly.

Upon arrival at Magic Kingdom we immediately noticed the larger crowds and the many young children with parents.  But still we were able to enjoy many of the popular attractions with very little wait time.  After the 7 pm lighted parade we were all way to tired to stay for the 8 pm fireworks. It was a mutual agreement to call it a day and begin the return to the hotel.


Traveling on the monorail from the Magic Kingdom back to the parking lot was very efficient, even with the mass exodus of people. It was shortly after 8 pm when we returned to the hotel.  We all had a wonderful day of fun and Disney Magic.

The two night stay at the hotel was $245 for a 1 bedroom suite which included a full hot buffet breakfast each morning.  The room was extremely clean and nicely furnished with two 42 inch HD TV's, microwave, refrigerator, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, coffee pot and more.  When we made the reservations we mention the Mouse Saver to get the best possible rate which was better than the AAA rate.  On a scale of 10 we gave Buena Vista Suites an 8.

This was a FUN trip and now that we have returned to the motorhome we are feeling home sick for Disney World.  After all that fun it is a bit of a "let down" to return to normal life again.



  March 30, 2010  -  Tuesday

I was doing so good with regular updates to the website and then I got lazy.  Lots has been going on here.  The weather has made a dramatic improvement with daily temps in the mid to high 70's and later this week getting into the mid 80's with abundant sunshine.

Diana & I just returned from a walk around the campground and its remarkable how quiet the campground has become.  Many of the RV's have departed and many more are preparing for the return trip home.  The next 2 days will be a mass exodus. By the end of this week the campground will be a ghost town. 

This is always a sad time for me....seeing friends leaving.  I get home sick and melancholy.  We all had a fun filled winter and hope to reunite again next year.

Yesterday I cancelled our reservation for Skidaway State Park Campground near Savannah, Georgia.  I did this because friends, Barb & Dick, stopped at Skidaway to "check it out" and they were no impressed with what they found.  We now have a 3 night reservation at South Savannah KOA located in Richmond Hill, Georgia. If needed our reservation will be extended by a day or two.  Following Savannah we then plan to head home with a stop at South of the Border Campground and our final stop will be Kings Dominion Campground.  We expect to be home by April 13th or 14th.

This afternoon we have a lunch date with Patty & Guy and Linda & Brian.  This will be our farewell celebration as they are heading home tomorrow.  Diana & I will be home sick for sure.  Hopefully we can get over our sickness by visiting New Smyrna Beach and a stop for lunch at Boston Fish House.

  April 1, 2010  -  April Fool

Early this morning we bid farewell to our friends Patty & Guy as they begin their journey home to Michigan.  The campground continues to become more and more empty.

The weather was in the low 80's making it ideal for washing the motorhome.  Slowly we too are getting ready for departure.  By this time next week we should be setting up at the South Savannah KOA for a 3 night stay.  This was the first day we had to use air conditioning in the motorhome and it looks like the week ahead will continue to be trending toward being hot.

  April 3, 2010  -  Saturday

MAGNIFICENT !!!  That is the way to simply describe the weather over the past week and the weather for the week ahead.  Daily highs in the low to mid 80's, no humidity and crystal clear blue skies.  

The last few days we experienced a new discovery....the smell of the orange blossoms.  Most of the trees in the orange orchards have begun to display their spring time white flower and the scent is intoxicating.  As the breeze blows through the orchard the fragrance of the blossoms is a wonderful experience.  Yesterday we sat on the patio along side the motorhome and enjoyed  the sweet smell.

  April 5, 2010  -  Monday

Eerie is one way to describe the shuttle launch that we witnessed this morning from the campground.  At 6:21 am the massive fireball slowly appeared above the horizon into the moonlit sky.  Once again we were able to view the space craft as it separated from the booster rockets and then off into the distance.

When we stepped out of the motorhome into the darkness on our way to our viewing point it was quite ironic that we were able to view the international space station traveling from the south in a northeast direction. We were both surprised by how easily the space station could be seen and the speed at which it traveled across the sky.  The space station travels 250 miles above the earth and the shuttle will take 2 days to rendezvous. Seeing the space station and then watching the shuttle launch was a humbling experience. It is definitely a humbling experience, makes you question your existence and makes you feel like "nothing" compared to the vastness of the universe.

By 9:30 am we were heading east for a day at New Smyrna Beach.  The weather was absolutely picture perfect at the beach and the ocean water felt good on my feet.

When we returned to the motorhome we did some small chores to begin preparation for our departure this Thursday.

  April 6, 2010  -  Tuesday

A great day of fun.  Bill & Betty in the RV across from us and Frank & Sandy behind us started the day at 8 am heading to De Leon Springs State Park.  Upon arrival we immediately went into The Old Spanish Sugar Mill & Griddle House.  The feature attraction at the restaurant is making your own pancakes on a griddle that is conveniently built into your table.  We then toured the beautiful grounds.

With our belly full we then drove a short distance to the Spring Garden Ranch Training Center.  Here we sat in our chairs and watched the trotters and pacers practice.

The final stop for the day was a visit to the Deland Skydiving Center were we saw one skydiver after another land right in front of us.

We ended the day beginning to prepare for our Thursday departure.  Tomorrow will be spent doing final chores, i.e., laundry, wash the car, etc.

  April 8, 2010  -  Thursday

By 2:30 pm today we were off the road and set up at our new location, Savannah South KOA Campground located of I95, Exit 87 in Richmond Hill, Georgia.  We left Olde Mill Stream this morning at 7:45 am after a three month stay.  This new location will serve as our base while we explore Savannah and the surrounding area.  For now we have a 3 night reservation and will later decide if we will extend the stay.  But, both Diana & I are anxious to get home so I suspect will will not extend and leave for home on Sunday morning.

This KOA is only about one mile off I95, but very little road noise can be heard.  We are on site 53....I would get this site again as it is level and a pull through, however, the car must be disconnected to fit into the site.  All sites are sand covered and the main roads are macadam.  Space between sites is minimal...typical KOA

The weather for the drive today was beautiful with the highs in the mid 80's.  Right now we are under a thunderstorm watch for later tonight which will cool the forecast for the next few days with forecast highs in the mid 70's.  We plan to ride the trolley in Savannah, walk along the river front and perhaps take a river cruise.

The motorhome performed well today.  After setting in the same spot for three months I always worry that something will go wrong.  At times the alternator seemed to not be fully charging the battery and this will have to be inspected when we get home.  I sure hope it does not break before that.

  April 9, 2010  -  Friday

Overnight thunderstorms made way for a beautiful blue sky and temperature topping out at 75.....perfect weather for touring Savannah.  By 9:45 am we were boarding the Old Savannah Tours trolley.  We really meant to take the Olde Town Tour trolley but in our haste we did not even notice  we purchased the wrong ticket.  But the tour went just fine.  Be sure to ask for an AAA or AARP discount.  For both of us the tour was $46.

This was a great time to be touring Savannah as all the azaleas were in gorgeous full bloom.  We never saw so many azalea plants.  Throughout the historic district there were beautiful azaleas everywhere we looked.

For lunch we stopped at The Exchange Tavern on River Street.  The food was "OK"....nothing special.

In mid afternoon we made a short visit to Tybee Island which is located about 15 miles from Savannah.  We did not find anything special about Tybee Island.  While returning from Tybee we stopped and toured Fort Pulaski National Monument. This was a interesting stop and we enjoyed a the narrative conducted by the park ranger.

  April 10, 2010  -  Saturday

We returned to downtown Savannah for a second day of touring and had just as much fun today and we had yesterday.  On our walk through Forsyth Park we came across more beautiful azaleas in bloom and lots of activities taking place.  We ended the day with a walk along Front Street. 

Savannah is amazing and very much worth a visit.

  April 11, 2010  -  Sunday

It was only a 225 mile drive from Savannah to the campground at South of the Border.  We like this campground....nothing special but clean and only $22 a night.  The sites are very long pull through and nice space on each side with some shade.  The weather continues to be excellent and it looks like this should continue for the next two days.

I almost forgot to mention the highlight of the day.  For years we have passed the Harbor Freight store in South Carolina until today.  Located off I95, Exit 190....the store is bursting at the walls with all sorts of tools.

  April 12, 2010  -  Monday

By late afternoon tomorrow we should be home and unloading the motorhome.  Right now we have stopped at Americamps Campground located approximately 15 miles north of Richmond, Virginia, Exit 89 off I95.  Our site, #28, is long enough that we did not have to unhook the car which certainly makes for a much easier departure in the morning.

This will be my final posting for this 3 month trip. Once again we count our blessings and realize how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy another wonderful trip.  Along the way we saw many beautiful parts of the country as well as meeting up with some old camping friends while making some new friends too. 

We now look forward to our return home tomorrow and excited about seeing our kids, grandkids, friends and neighbors.


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