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3 Week Popouri
This is an October journey starting in the Pocono Mountains, then to the Lancaster Amish Country, then to Gettysburg and finally ending in Luray, Virginia.

October 2, 2010  -  Saturday

This is the first day of our 24 day fall journey.  We arrived at Otter Lake Campground shortly after lunch and was assigned site C2.  The site is very nice….deep, wide, level with pea size gravel and lots of shade.  It was back in 2002 when we last camped here and I had forgotten how narrow and winding it is the last 7 miles on Marshalls Creek Road.  The road challenges your driving skills and nerves!!

The drive from home was only 80 miles with a stop midway at Wegman’s off Route 33 at Route 248.  This gave us the opportunity to stock up and groceries and have lunch in the motorhome.


October 3, 2010  -  Sunday

This was a real Fall day with sunny skies, a slight breeze and cool temps only reaching 60 degrees.  We took a short drive to Delaware Water Gap and then looped over to Stroudsburg to check out the area.  Then we returned to the motorhome for the afternoon.  This was simply a do nothing peaceful day.

Almost all the RV’s have gone home.  We are basically alone!!!  I don’t think we will be out walking the campground around dusk because when we did that here a few years ago we ran into a mother bear and her 2 cubs.  Scared the heck out of us.


October 4, 2010  -  Monday         

Earlier this week before we left home there were 2 days of extremely heavy rain.  In fact nearly 6 inches of rain accumulated in a 24 hour period.  Once again over night the clouds arrived and it has been raining off and on since 2 am.  The weather is dreary and a chilly 48 degrees.  But, it makes for a beautiful Fall day with the leaves falling from the trees.  Since there is not much to do in the area we plan to head over to Mt. Airy Casino  after lunch.

It is now later in the day and we just returned from Mt. Airy Casino.  To get there the GPS was set to “shortest route” hoping for the back country roads instead of taking I80 and indead we did travel some very narrow winding roads.  The scenery going to and returning from the casino was quite beautiful.  At one spot we stopped to take a picture of a large flock of wild turkeys.

The casino is relatively new and quite attraction on the outside and inside.  It sits on a hill in the middle of nowhere.  The adjacent golf course looks to be well cared for and manicured.

Diana and I are not gamblers.  We might spend $20 at a casino and that is our limited.  That was the case today too.  Diana spent $5 and won $23 while I spent $20 and hit the JACKPOT on a $1 slot machine.  The dollar figure was enough to pay for this 3 week trip.  YIPPEE !!!!

We collected our winnings and quietly headed back to the motorhome.

The rain today has been endless.  Right now it is 8 pm and still raining.  Just saw the weather forecast and looks like the rain will continue over night and into tomorrow afternoon.  Enough is enough already.


October 5, 2010  -  Tuesday

Our friends Betty & Bill came by today and we travelled to Apple Valley Restaurant in Milford, Pa.  Then Bill took us on a tour of the area, travelling many of the back roads through the Pocono Mountains and Delaware Water Gap.  Even though it was raining it was a nice way to spend the day. 


October 6, 2010  -  Wednesday

Would you believe it continued to rain all night and into the morning?  Well it did, but by mid morning the rain did stop and the sun peeked out from behind the clouds.  By 5 pm the rain started again and should be around through the night.

We went to the Wal-Mart Super Center in Mount Pocono which is a 25 minute drive on narrow, winding country roads.  The leaves changing colors and the occasional spotting of deer makes the drive most enjoyable.  The remainder of the day we did laundry and began to prepare the motorhome for our trip to Lancaster tomorrow.


October 10, 2010  -  Sunday

Last Thursday as we were leaving Otter Lake Campground the weather did a complete reversal from the previous rainy days and now we have had clear blue skies and temps in the low 70’s and this is expected to last for the next week.  Our kids join us for the long weekend.  Jeff & Kim are here at Lake in Wood Campground and Kelly & Barry and David & Lauren are at Olde Mill Stream Campground. 

Yesterday morning we all met for a hardy breakfast at Shady Maple Smorgasbord and as usual we all ate far more than we should.  Then we formed a caravan for a short drive to the Weaver Store.  The day concluded with dinner at our campsite with meatball sandwiches and an assortment of side dishes.  The picnic table was cleared and then replenished with an assortment of 4 different cakes, cookies, apple pie and candies. 

As the sun set the cool evening air made the campfire feel most welcome.  I forgot to mention our friends Dave & Nancy are also here in site 113A right across from our campsite 114.  Also, friends from Tarrington Village, Peg & Ken drove up to join us for the afternoon and evening.  The 14 of us around the campfire made for lots of stories and good conversation.

Later today Diana & I will be attending a show at the American Music Theater to see the Golden Boys…Frankie Avalon, Bobbie Rydell and Fabian.  A few weeks ago when I was searching on the internet for this show I discovered a serious scheduling error on the website for the American Music Theater.  I called and spoke with a manager and they were kind enough to give me one ticket for free as a reward for finding the problem and reporting it to them.  This was a nice gift since the cost of a ticket for this performance was $72 each.


October 12, 2010  -  Tuesday

Off to a foggy start this morning, leaving Lake in Wood Campground at 9:00 am with an 80 mile drive ahead of us till arriving at Gettysburg Campground.  Out site, #22, at Gettysburg is a back in, covered with gravel and level. 


October 14, 2010  -  Thursday

The weather yesterday was picture perfect.  Sunny skies with temps in the high 60’s made for a great day to tour the battlefield.

However, this morning around 7 am the familiar pitter patter was once again heard on the roof of the motorhome.  No, it was not squirrel footsteps scurrying on the roof….it was RAIN !!   Fortunately we anticipated a rainy day and I had called to make a reservation to tour the Snyder’s Potato Chip Factory in Hanover. 

Looking out the front window of the motorhome the car is all covered with fallen leaves as if we had decorated it for Halloween.  The motorhome looks much the same way.

The tour of Snyder’s took about 35 minutes.  It was OK…not great…just OK.  At the end of the tour they give two very small bags of samples.  Really small.  However, there is a huge selection of Snyder products in the outlet store at reasonable prices.

Since it was still raining after the tour we decided to do laundry at the campground.  Looks like it will be a busy weekend here since a continues stream of RV’s have been checking in.

For dinner we went to My Brothers Pizza which is located half a mile from the campground.  If you like pizza then I think you will really enjoy this place.  While waiting for the pizza to bake we saw lots of other Italian foods being served and every one of them looked good.  The portions are large and the prices were on the low side.  I would definitely recommend this place for a great lunch or dinner.


October 15, 2010  -  Happy Friday !!

The drive today cut through Maryland, into West Virginia and finally in Virginia and our destination of Luray.  We are returning to one of our favorite locations…..Country Waye  Campground.  By 1:30 pm the 130 mile drive from Gettysburg  was completed and we were setup in the campground ready for the 10 night stay.

Once again we are in the line up of sites where we can look out the dinette window to enjoy the magnificent view of the Blue Ridge Mountains which is known as the Shenandoah National Park.  The weather for the next week is expected to be in the low 60’s during the day and down into the 40’s over night.  The fall foliage has just begun here and might not be in peak for another 2 weeks.

The campground offers full hookups but does not include cable TV, however, free Wi-Fi service is good.  Over the air TV reception is limited to about 4 different stations and I’m hoping the Phillies baseball playoffs can be viewed on one of those channels tomorrow.  We are on site 64 and very pleased.


October 16, 2010  -  Saturday

This day flew by so quickly.  WE had the pleasure of having dinner with RV friends from here in Virginia.  It was 2 years ago today that we last saw Jimmy & Linda and also Bill & Carol when we last met here in Luray.  This evening we joined them for dinner over in New Market and the Johnny Appleseed Restaurant.  The food was good along with lots of great talking and laughter.  It was so nice to once again see our friends.

Here at the campground cable TV is not available so we are limited to TV reception over the air using the antenna.  It’s funny…..we receive 6 channels but 3 of the 6 are ABC with the exact same programming.  Luckily one of the channels is FOX and they are carrying the Phillies MLB playoff with game 1 about to begin in a few minutes.  Earlier today I ordered the Wineguard Wingman adapter for the motorhome antenna in hopes it will improve TV reception so a few more channels are available.


October 17, 2010  -  Sunday

What a perfect Fall day!  For the entire day the sky was perfect blue without a single cloud and the temperature hit the mid 70’s.  We walked the trail in Luray, bought a few groceries and hung around the motorhome.  For dinner I grilled New York strip steaks and then we enjoyed a campfire.  Right now I getting ready to watch game 2 of the Phillies playoff with the San Francisco Giants.   Sure hope the Phillies can improve upon their performance of last night.  They lost 3 to 4.


October 19, 2010  -  Tuesday

The days are simply flying by.   Yesterday we packed a lunch and took the 8 mile drive to the Thorton Gap entrance to the Skyline Drive.  Being a weekday the activity on the drive was minimal.  We quickly noticed restoration work was underway on the drive.  $30 million dollars has been allocated to improving the outlooks and road on the Skyline Drive and construction workers were making fast progress.  We drove about 45 miles south on the Skyline Drive and I would estimate 80% of the road had be resurfaced.

When we return home from this trip we will winterize the motorhome, so today we started to prepare by cleaning the entire interior of the motorhome.  Then we went into Luray for dinner at the Frost Station Diner.  We gave it and “OK” rating…not great, not bad…just OK.

Over the weekend I ordered from Amazon a Wingman attachment for the Winegard antenna on the motorhome and had it sent to here in the campground.  The package arrived today and was easily installed in 10 minutes.  This device is for over the air television reception and helps improve the strength of the signal.  I was hoping it would perhaps give us a few more stations, but that did not happen.


October 21, 2010  -  Thursday

Another beautiful Fall day today so we took advantage of the clear skies to enjoy the Skyline drive once again.  For some reason I never tire of visit to the Shenandoah National Park and now that I have my senior pass admission is always free.  We celebrated the day with delicious lunch at Big Meadow Lodge.  On the way back from the lodge we stopped to hike Limberlost Trail which was an easy to walk trail.

Once we got back to the motorhome I convinced Diana into baking apple dumplings and wow…did they ever taste good.


October 22, 2010  -  HAPPY FRIDAY

Right now we are beginning to wind down our 4 week Fall trip.  We started in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and then stopped in Lancaster, Gettysburg and our final stop here in Luray, VA at the base of the Shenandoah National Park.  We often return to Luray because of the incredible slow pace and step back in time.  Plus the mountains have some mystique that attracts us. 

Last night around 11:30 pm, just as we were dozing off there was a loud thump that scared us.  Even more terrifying because we were just about to drop off in a deep sleep.  In my younger days I would have jumped out of bed and hurried outside to see what it was.  But now I figure if it’s something really serious more symptoms will appear. The noise seemed to come from under the motorhome so I figured it was probably one of the retractor springs on the HWH hydraulic levelers.  About 4 years ago while in Florida one broke in the middle of the night and made a similar loud bang.

So after running all this through my mind I figured there is nothing I can do about it tonight, so sleep seemed to be the best option. After a goods nights rest I got up this morning had my OJ and then started searching through my files for information on the leveling jacks.  Now I had all the information I needed to call the factory for a new jack.  I then had my cheerios & banana and thought more about how I would devise a temporary fix on the levelers to get us home this coming Monday.   It was now time to get dressed and see what damage had been done.

I opened the shower to get my razor and shaving cream and much to my surprise I found the shaving mirror lying on the floor of the shower.  Yippee!! Now I know what made the loud noise last night.  The suction cups that hold the mirror to the shower wall decided to let go, thus loud theme.

On Fridays I always make it a point to wish everyone HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  This is a carry over from my working days and I still do it.  Indeed today is a Happy Friday for me since I do not need to crawl under the motorhome to do repair work, instead just stick the mirror on the wall.  Yippee!!  We get to go have fun


October 23, 2010  -  Saturday

Thanks to a brilliant sun shining in a perfectly blue sky, the frost quickly disappeared from the ground this morning.  We just returned from a short visit to the Skyline Drive.  We decided to cut our drive short due to the significant increase of cars & buses since it is the weekend.  During the week the drive is much more pleasant and enjoyable when the number of visitors is practically non existent.


October 24, 2010  -  Sunday

This is our final night here at Luray, Virginia as well as our final night of travels in the motorhome for this year.  When we get home tomorrow it will be time to give the motorhome a good scrubbing on the outside, including the roof.  Also, the weather will be turning cold in the next month so another task will be to winterize the water lines. 

Usually the motorhome gets covered for the winter months until we leave for Florida but this year it might not get covered for a few reasons. First of all we plan to leave for Florida about 3 weeks earlier than in past years.  Most likely we will start heading south around December 27th so its hardly worth the effort to place the cover for only a 8 week period of time.  Also, I plan on getting 2 new front tires when we get home so that will most likely not get done till mid November so that will shorten the time for a storage cover.  I almost forgot, I also have to change the engine oil and generator oil as well as grease fittings.  Thus, the cover will not get placed this year.

This morning we did some more cleaning inside the motorhome so when we get home there will be that much less to do.  Diana cleaned the refrigerator and that gave me the idea to get more bins for the door.  A quick Google search and I found American RV Company to have the best price so I placed an order for 4 doors bins.  This will allow for condiments to be stored on the refrigerator door resulting in more shelf space for other stuff.  Just what I need….more food!! 


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